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Cot Inverse Calculator

With the help of the handy Cot Inverse Calculator tool, you can find the inverse cotangent value in degrees for your input number in a fraction of seconds. Simply give the number in the specified input box and hit the calculate button to find the cot inverse value much easier and faster.

Cot Inverse Calculator

Cot Inverse Calculator: Are you looking for a smart tool that calculates the cotangent inverse of a real number or fraction within no time? Then, you have arrived the correct place and our calculator is the best tool that you are looking for. The main aim of our Cot Inverse Calculator is to calculate the cotangent inverse of numbers simply and quickly. Check out the simple step by step process and example from this article.

How to Find Cot Inverse of Number?

Get to know the easy and simple method to calculate the cotangent inverse of a number in the following sections. Follow these steps to solve the cot inverse easily.

  • Take any fraction or a real number to find the cot inverse.
  • We know the cotangent inverse is one minus tangent inverse.
  • We can write that cot-1(x)=y or x=cot(y).
  • Find the θ value by solving the above equation.


Question: Solve cot-1(√3/3)?


Given that


If cot-1(x)=θ, then x=cot(θ)

cot-1(√3/3)=θ, then √3/3=cot(θ)


Multiply with √3 on numerator and denominator




The coordinates between 0 and π/2 are (1/2, √3/2), (√2/2, √2/2), (√3/2, 1/2)


After solving the above coordinates which will become 1/√3 is angle.



The angle for (1/2, √3/2) coordinates is π/3.


So, cot-1(√3/3)=π/3= 180/3= 60 degrees

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Cot Inverse Calculator

FAQs on Cot Inverse Calculator

1. What is Cot Inverse?

The inverse of cotangent function is called inverse cotangent or arccot. It is expressed as cot-1x. The domain and range of cot inverse function is -∞ < x < ∞, and 0 < y < π respectively.

2. What are the different trigonometric functions?

Trigonometry functions are obtained from the ratios of a right angle triangle. The six trigonometry functions are Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cosecant, Secant and Cotangent.

3. What is the value of cot inverse √3?

Let θ=cot-1(√3)




4. How do you convert tan inverse to cot inverse?

We know that, tan-1(x)=cot-1(1/x). Substitute the values in the above formula to convert tan inverse to cot inverse.

5. How can you calculate cot inverse on a calculator?

Give your input value either real number or fraction in the input section and click on the calculate button next to the input section of the Cot Inverse Calculator to get the output in less time.