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Differential Equation Calculator

Differential Equation Calculator: Do you want to calculate the ordered differential equations? This page is the right choice for you. Here we have given the online tool to do the calculations faster and give the derivative of a function in a fraction of seconds.

You must provide the valid equation in the input box provided below. And hit on the calculate button to get the output immediately.

Solving Differential Equation

Get to know the procedure on how to solve the first order linear differential equation by referring the below sections. You will even find the formula to calculate the equation.

  • Let us take an differential equation
  • Convert your equation in the form of y'(x)+p(x)y=q(x)
  • Now, integrate the equation both sides to get the y value
  • Substitute x and y values in the equation to find the constant value
  • Frame the equation properly.


Question1: Find the solution of dy+7xdx=0 when x=0, y=3?


Given equation is



Apply integration on both sides

Integration dy=Integration 7xdx


Here K is constant

Substitute the x=0 and y=3 in the equation



Therefore, the solution is


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Differential Equation Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Differential Equation

1. How do you solve the differential equations on a calculator?

Enter your function in the input field and click on the calculate button to get the result. The derivative of a function will be displayed as the result.

2. What are the types of differential equations?

In mathematics, the differential equations are classified into two types. They are partial differential equations and ordinary differential equations.

3. How do you solve a second order differential equation?

To solve the second order differential equation quickly add your equation in the calculator and get the answer.

4. How do you define the Differential Equations?

Differential equation is an equation which has one or more derivatives. The many differential equations are Linear differential equation, Partial differential equation, Non-homogeneous differential equation, Ordinary differential equation, Homogeneous differential equation, and Non-linear differential equation.