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Length Conversions

Length Conversions: Length Converter is a tool that enables quick conversion between length units. The free Online Tool supports different units of length measurement like Angstroms, Centimeters, Fathoms, Feet, Furlongs, Inches, Kilometers, Meters, Microns, Miles, Millimeters, etc. Length Conversion Calculator determines the results each time in a fraction of seconds on providing the inputs. Check out the length conversion formulas, the detailed process involved in the length conversions from one unit to another.

Free Online Length Conversion Calculators

Take the help of online tools for all your Length Conversions and get accurate results from here. Just input the number in the input field and hit on the calculate button for the default unit set by our team. If you want any other unit choose from the dropdown menu and get the converted length unit in no time. Make the most out of these online tools and understand the concept of length conversion from one unit to another quickly.

Length Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)

1 Kilometer (km) =
0.621371192 miles(mi)
1000 meters(m)
39370.1 inches(in)
3280.84 feet(ft)
1093.61 yards(yd)
100000 centimeters(cm)
1 x 106 millimeters(mm)
1 Miles (km) =
1.60934 kilometers(km)
1609.34 meters(m)
63360 inches(in)
5280 feet(ft)
1760 yards(yd)
160934 centimeters(cm)
1609344 millimeters(mm)
1 Meters (m) =
0.001 kilometers(km)
0.000621 miles(mi)
39.37 inches(in)
5280 feet(ft)
1.0936 yards(yd)
100 centimeters(cm)
1000 millimeters(mm)
1 Inches (in) =
0.0000254 kilometers(km)
1.58 x 10-05 miles(mi)
0.0254 meters(m)
0.0833333 feet(ft)
0.027778 yards(yd)
2.54 centimeters(cm)
25.4 millimeters(mm)
1 yards (yd) =
0.0009144 kilometers(km)
0.000568 miles(mi)
0.9144 meters(m)
36 inches(in)
3 feet(ft)
91.44 centimeters(cm)
914.4 millimeters(mm)
1 Feet (ft) =
0.0003048 kilometers(km)
1.89 x 10-04 miles(mi)
0.0254 meters(m)
0.3048 inches(in)
0.33333 yards(yd)
30.48 centimeters(cm)
304.8 millimeters(mm)
1 Centimeters (cm) =
0.00001 kilometers(km)
6.21 x 10-06 miles(mi)
0.01 meters(m)
0.3937 inches(in)
0.032808 feet(ft)
0.010936 yards(yd)
10 millimeters(mm)
1 Millimeters (mm) =
1 x 10-6 kilometers(km)
6.2137 x 10-07 miles(mi)
0.001 meters(m)
0.03937 inches(in)
0.0010936 yards(yd)
3.28 x 10-03 feet(ft)
0.1 centimeters(cm)

FAQs on Length Conversions

1. Where do I get the Length Conversion Calculators for free?

You can get Length Conversion Calculators free of cost at the place for all unit converters. Take help from them and make your calculations quick and easy.

2. What are the units supported by the Length Conversions Calculator?

Length Converter over here supports numerous units of length like Angstroms, Centimeters, Fathoms, Feet, Furlongs, Inches, Kilometers, Meters, Microns, Miles, Millimeters, etc.

3. How can I convert different length conversion units?

All you need to do is multiply, divide, or perform any other mathematical operation using the conversion ratio to change between one unit of length to another.

4. Where do I find Length Conversion Tables for different unit measurements?

You can find Length Conversion Tables for different unit measurements on our page.

Length Conversion Calculator