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Division of 5 by 2 Using Long Division Method

Divide the given numbers 5 and 2 using our free online Long Division Calculator and determine the Quotient and Remainder as Q 2 R 1 instantly without any hurdles.

Ex: 1625/15 or 144/13 or 542/19


Detailed Solution for Long Division of 5 by 2

The given Divisor = 2 and Dividend = 5


The Quotient is 2 and the Remainder is 1

Frequently Asked Questions on Long Division of 5 by 2

1. How many times does 2 go into 5?

2 times 2 goes into 5 and gives the remainder as 1.

2. What is dividend and divisor in the Long Division of 5 by 2?

In the given division number 5 by 2, the numerator number is known as dividend and the denominator number is known as a divisor. So, 5 is dividend number and 2 is divisor number.

3. How can I divide 5 by 2 easily?

You can divide the given number ie., 5 by 2 easily by making use of our Long Division Calculator.