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Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

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Elastic Potential Energy Calculator: Do you want to determine Spring Potential Energy and other variables of elastic force such as spring constant, elastic spring length? You can use the handy tool Elastic Potential Energy Calculator over here to find all the parameters simply in no time. Read on to know about Elastic Potential Energy Definition, Formula, Step by Step Procedure on How to Calculate the Potential Energy of a Spring, Examples on the same for better understanding of the concept.

Elastic Potential Energy Definition

Elastic Potential Energy is the energy stored for strecthing or compressing an elastic object with an external force. Consider a helical spring and to stretch or compress it you need to do some work to provide it with some energy. This energy is stored in the spring and when released it comes to equilibrium state. Elastic Potential Energy is always positive.

Potential Energy of a Spring Formula

Elastic Potential Energy is given by the formula U = ½kΔx2

Where K is the Spring Constant. It is a propotionality constant that denotes the relation between strain in the spring and force that caused it.

Δx is the spring deformation and is expressed in units meters.

U is the Elastic Potential Energy in Joules

How to find the Potential Energy of a Spring?

Follow the simple procedure listed below to know the procedure on how to find the elastic potential energy of a spring. They are as such

  • Determine the spring constant k initially.
  • Later, determine how far you want to stretch or compress the spring i.e. Δx
  • Since you are aware of the parameters substitute them in the formula for Elastic Potential Energy i.e.U = ½kΔx2
  • Simplify the result further and find out the energy.


A compressed spring has the potential energy of 10 J and its spring constant is 150 N/m. Calculate the deformation of the spring?


Given that

Potential Energy U = 10 J

Spring Constant k = 150 N/M

Deformation of Spring = ?

We know formula to find elastic potential energy U = ½kΔx2

Substituting the inputs we have the equation as follows

10 J = ½*150 N/m Δx2

On further simplifying we have Δx = 0.3651484 m has got plenty of calculators designed to help you on the concepts such as acceleration, gravity, friction, momentum, displacement, force, etc. all in one place.

FAQs on Elastic Potential Energy Calculator

1. What is K in Elastic Potential Energy?

K is the Spring Constant in Elastic Potential Energy./p>

2. What is the Formula for Elastic Potential Energy?

Elastic Potential Energy can be found using the formula U = ½kΔx2

3. Is Potential Energy always positive?

Since the motion involves net increase in potential energy. Thus, change in potential energy is always positive.

4. What are Examples of Elastic Potential Energy?

Objects such as archer's stretched bow, bent diving board, twisted rubber band, etc. store elastic potential energy.

Elastic Potential Energy Calculator