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Age Calculator

Age Calculator is a free online tool which is useful to calculate the age of a respective person from their date of birth to current date or particular date. It can also be used to measure the time difference between two different dates. You have to input as date of birth or any valid date/month/year and press the calculate button to get the output.

Age Calculator

Age Calculator: Looking for a free online tool that calculates the age in terms of months, years and days? Then you are on the right page. In the below sections, you can find your age within fraction of seconds. This calculator saves your precious time by doing the lengthy age calculation procedure for you. People who want to learn the actual procedure involved in the calculation can refer the following sections.

How to Know Your Age?

Not only your age till today, you can also check the time gap between two dates using this tool. Here we are offering the step by step procedure to get your age accurately. You can make use of these easy steps for your calculation.

  • Take one’s date of birth that must have date, month and year
  • And take either current date or the date till you want to know your age
  • Know when was your last birthday till today or at that particular date
  • Subtract your date of birth from your last birthday to get the number of years
  • Then calculate how many months are there till date
  • Likewise, check number of days too


Question1: How old I am, if was born on 25th November 1995?


Date of Birth is 25.11.1995

Current Date is 20.08.2020

My last birthday was on 25.11.2019

Subtracting years i.e 2019-1995=24 years

Number of months are Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul = 8 months

Number of days 6 days in July + 19 days in August =25 days

Your age is 24 years 8 months 25 days

Question2: What is the difference between 12th January 2000 and 21st March 2015?




The year date was 12.01.2015

No of years are 2015-2000=15 years

No of months are Feb, Mar= 2 months

No. of days remaining 9 days in March= 9 days

The time difference is 15 years 2 months 9 days

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Age Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Age Calculation

1. How can you define your age?

Age is defined as the number of years something has been alive or in existence.

2. How do you calculate someone's age?

Using the Age Calculator tool, one can simply find their age. Just give the date of birth, it will automatically calculate age.

3. What is the chronological age?

Your chronological age is defined as the amount of time that has passed from your birth to the given date. This is the primary way someone defines their age.

4. What is the difference between chronological age and biological age?

Chronological age is the number of years you have been alive. Biological age is how old your body seems, based on a number of fractions, including how your chromosomes have changed over time.