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Newton's Second Law Calculator

Avail Newton's Second Law of Motion Calculator to get the force and acceleration of the object easily. Students have to enter the mass of the object, initial velocity, final velocity, time difference and tap on the calculate button to check the acceleration, force at the output section within seconds.

Ex: 10, 167, 48, 34.5 or 90

Initial Velocity
Final Velocity
Time difference

Newton's Second Law Calculator: Newton's Second Law of Motion Calculator displays the approximate force, acceleration by taking the required input values. The step by step calculation guide is helpful for the students to learn the concept easily. This free calculator tool is useful for the students while solving problems in homework and assignments.

To help you we have even provided additional information like what is newton's second law of motion, how to calculate the force acting on the body, and their formulas. Read the further sections and find more details like instructions and some solved examples to understand the topic.

How to Calculate Force Acting on a Body?

According to Newton's second law of motion, force is nothing but the rate of change of momentum. Get the detailed steps to find the force acting on a body in the following sections.

  • Observe the initial velocity, final velocity, time change and mass of the object from the question.
  • Find the difference between final velocity and initial velocity.
  • Divide the velocity difference by the time difference which is acceleration.
  • Multiply the object mass with the acceleration to get the force.

What is Newton's Second Law of Motion?

Newton's Second Law states that the acceleration of an object depends on the object mass and the amount of force applied on it.

Its formula is F = m * a

a = (Vf - Vi)/△t


F is the force acting on a body

a is the acceleration

Vf is the final velocity of the object.

Vi is the initial velocity of the object

△t is the time difference.


Question: A 1 kg object accelerated at a constant 5 m/sec². Estimate the net force required to accelerate the object.


Given that

Mass of the object m = 1 kg

Acceleration a = 5 m/sec²

As per Newton's second law of motion,

F = m * a

F = (1 kg) * (5 m/sec²)

= 5 Newton

Therefore, the force acting on a body is 5 N.

Make use of the handy tools available for physics concepts all at one place and clear all your doubts in solving the problems.

Frequently Asked Questions on Newton's Second Law Calculator

1. Define Newton's Second Law?

Newton's second law of motion states that the acceleration of an object depends on two variables such as the mass of the object and the force acting on the object. The acceleration is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

2. Write examples of Newton's second law?

  • In a golf game, the acceleration of the ball is proportional to the force with which it is hit by the golf stick.
  • When an object falls down from a certain height, the acceleration increases due to the gravitational force.
  • Pushing a truck is difficult than pushing a car with the same amount of force and the mass of the truck is heavier than the mass of the car.

3. How do you find acceleration in Newton's second law?

Newton's second law of motion formula is F = m * a. From this, acceleration a = F/m. So, you can find the acceleration by dividing the force acting on a body by the mass of the object.

4. Mention the applications of Newton's Second Law?

The applications of Newton's second law is two people walking, pushing a cart, kicking a ball etc.

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