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Power to Weight Ratio Calculator

Free Power to Weight Ratio Calculator tool gives the power to weight ratio or power or weight of a vehicle in the blink of an eye. Select find the power to weight ratio or find power or find weight and enter the details in the required input fields and press on the calculate to get the results instantly.

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Power to Weight Ratio Calculator: Understanding the power to weight ratio of the vehicle concept is a little bit complex. So here we are giving the best tool that does your calculations and offers the result in a fraction of seconds. In the below sections of this page, you will find the easy steps to know the performance of a vehicle, an example problem for a better understanding.

Power to Weight Ratio Formulas

Power to weight ratio (PWR) is a measurement of the performance of a power source or engine. It is also used to measure the vehicle performance as a whole. Generally, PWR is applied to cars, vehicles, air crafts to compare the performance of one with another.

Power to Weight Ratio formulas is PWR = Power of the vehicle /Weight of the engine

Weight = Power of the vehicle/PWR

Power = PWR * weight


Question: Find the vehicle hosepower to weight ratio with vehicle power and vehicle weight. The vehicle power is 350 hp and the vehicle weight is 12000 pound.


Given that

Vehicle power P = 350 hp

Vehicle weight W = 12000 pound

Power to weight ratio = P/W

= 350/12000

= 0.029

Therefore, the vehicle hosepower to weight ratio is 0.029.

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Frequently Asked Question's on PWR Calculator

1. What is meant by Power to Weight Ratio?

PWR means the amount of power a vehicle has relative to its weight. In simple words, divide the power of the engine by the weight of the vehicle to get its performance.

2. Is it better to have a higher or lower power to weight ratio?

It is better to have a higher power to weight ratio. Because the vehicles having higher PWR accelerates with the highest speed and the vehicles which are having the lowest PWR accelerates with lesser speed.

3. What are the units of PWR?

The most commonly used units of power-weight ratio are horsepower per pound (hp/lb) and kilowatt per kilogram (kW/kg)

4. How to measure the performance of a car using PWR?

Students have to provide engine power and vehicle weight in the mentioned input fields of the Power to Weight Ratio Calculator and hit the calculate button to get the performance easily.

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