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Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator

Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator is a free handy calculator that computes the rotational kinetic energy on providing the inputs angular velocity, moment of inertia, etc. Get Steps on how to calculate rotational kinetic energy along with formula, units, etc.

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Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator: Wondering how to calculate the kinetic energy of a rotational body then make use of our handy Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator. Avail the handy tool over here and make your calculations quickly and easily. Learn what is meant by Rotational Kinetic Energy, Formula on How to Calculate Rotational Kinetic Energy, etc. Refer to Step by Step Examples illustrating the calculation of rotational kinetic energy in detail.

What is Rotational Kinetic Energy?

Rotational Kinetic Energy is a form of kinetic energy due to an object's rotation. It is also known as Angular Kinetic Energy and is directly proportional to moment of inertia and square of angular velocity. Unlike Regular Kinetic Energy, Rotational Kinetic Energy is associated with objects that are rotating.

For example if an object is in translation then it has both regular and rotational kinetic energy i.e. to determine the total energy you need to add them both.

Rotational Kinetic Energy Formula

Similar to any other form of energy we can express the Rotational Kinetic Energy with a simple yet straightforward formula.

RE = 1/2 * I * ω²

RE is the rotational kinetic energy and its units are Joules

I is the moment of inertia and its units are kg*m²

ω is the angular velocity and expressed in Hertz(Hz) or Revolutions Per Second(RPM)

How to Calculate Rotational Kinetic Energy?

Follow the simple steps listed below and learn how to calculate Rotational Kinetic Energy. They are as such

  • Firstly, evaluate the angular velocity of the wheel.
  • Later, find out the Moment of Inertia of the wheel.
  • Once, you get these both values plug them into rotational kinetic energy formula and find the rotational kinetic energy of the wheel.

Rotational Kinetic Energy Example Problems

Example 1: A round grindstone with a moment of inertia 1400 kg.m² is rotating at an angular velocity of 8 radians per sec. What is grindstone’s rotational kinetic energy?


Given that

Moment of Inertia = 1400 kg.m²

Angular Velocity = 8 Rad/Sec

Rotational Kinetic Energy = 1/2 * I * ω²

Substituting the input values in the formula above we get the equation as follows

RE = 1/2*1400*8²

RE = 44,800 J has got concepts like fluid mechanics, classical mechanics, waves, optics, thermodynamics, gravity, and many more along with their relevant calculators all one under one roof.

FAQs on Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator

1. What is Rotational Kinetic Energy?

Rotational Kinetic Energy is a kinetic energy due to rotation of an object and is a part of total kinetic energy.

2. What is the Formula for Rotational Kinetic Energy?

The Formula for Rotational Kinetic Energy is given by RE = 1/2 I ω²

3. How to Calculate the Rotational Kinetic Energy?

Firstly, determine the angular velocity, moment of inertia of wheel. Then, plug them into rotational kinetic energy formula and find out Rotational Kinetic Energy easily.

4. What is the SI Unit of Rotational Kinetic Energy?

The SI Unit of Rotational Kinetic Energy is Joules(J).

5. What is Rotational Kinetic Energy Dimensional Formula?

Dimensional Formula for Rotational Kinetic Energy is M¹L²T-²

Rotational Kinetic Energy Calculator