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Free Equivalent Weight Calculator tool displays the equivalent weight of the chemical reaction in a blink of eye. Simply give your input equation in the respective input section or atomic weight and valency fraction and get the output as the equivalent weight quickly after hitting the calculate button.

Equivalent Weight Calculator: Do you think finding the equivalent weight of an acid or base is not so easy? Then, you are wrong because nowadays you are surrounded by a lot of choices in the present digital world. You will get the solution for any type of chemical equation using the easy and simple process on the internet. Yes, by taking the help from the internet you can make use of our online Equivalent Weight Calculator which calculates the equivalent weight easily and gives the result in less amount of time. Go through the following sections of this page and explore more about this calculator.

How to Calculate Equivalent Weight?

Equivalent weight of a chemical equation is nothing but the division of atomic or molecular weight of acid or base and valency factor. So, to get the equivalent weight you must know the molecular weight and valency factor. Here, we are giving the step by step process to calculate the equivalent weight easily. Follow below mentioned steps to get the result in a fraction of seconds.

  • Take any chemical equation
  • Find the atomic weight or molecular weight of the acid or base
  • Valency factor can be calculated by three methods i.e oxidation state or number of replaceable H+ or OH- ions or change in oxidation state.
  • Compute the division of atomic weight or molecular weight by valency factor.


Question: Calculate the equivalent weight in a redox reaction?


The formula to compute equivalent weight is

Equivalent Weight= Molecular Mass/ Valency factor

For the reaction of Cr2O72- in the acidic medium the equation follows:

Cr2O72- +1 4H+ + 6e- -> 2Cr3+ + 7H2O

Molecular Mass of Cr2O72- = 216 gm/mol

Number of electrons gained= 6

Substitute the above values in the equation

Equivalent Weight= 216/6=36

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Equivalent Weight Calculator

FAQs on Equivalent Weight Calculator

1. What is the equivalent weight in chemistry?

Equivalent weight in acid base context is the weight of a compound that contains one equivalent of acid portion or one equivalent of a base.

2. Why is equivalent weight used?

Equivalent mass is used to compare the chemically different elements and atoms combine with each other to form chemical compounds.

3. How do you calculate the equivalent weight?

Equivalent weight or gram equivalent of an element or compound is equal to its atomic weight divided by the valence. The formula to calculate the equivalent weight is Atomic weight or Molecular weight/ Valence.

4. What is the definition of equivalent weight?

Equivalent weight is the mass of one equivalent, which is the mass of the given substance which will combine with a fixed amount of another substance.