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GCF of Decimals Calculator

Handy Online GCF of Decimals Calculator is here to make your greatest common divisor of decimals calculations easier and faster. All you need to perform is provide the given decimals in the below input box and then tap on the calculate button to get the Greatest Common Divisor of Decimals in a few seconds.

Ex: 1.5, 1.5, 2.5 (or) 2.4, 4.8, 0.96,4.5 (or) 789.02, 897.65, 123.45

GCF of

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Here are some samples of GCF of Decimals calculations.

GCF of Decimals Calculator: Learn how to calculate GCF of Decimal numbers in the simplest form from here. Grab all the details of the Greatest common factor (GCF) along with easy to use & instant GCF of Decimals Calculator from this page. This tool helps you find the GCD or HCF of two or more Decimal numbers and displays the result at a faster pace. So, get into this article and explore more about the GCF of Decimals Calculator.

How to Find the Greatest Common Factor of Decimal Numbers?

The largest decimal that is a factor of two or more decimal points that divide evenly is known as the Greatest common factor of decimals (In short, GCF of Decimals).

To find the GCD of Decimals, you have to follow the below instructions carefully and make your Greatest common factor of decimal numbers calculations easy by hand. They are as under

  • First and foremost, you need to change the given decimal points into integers with the help of multiplication of 10, 100, 1000,...
  • After that, find the decimal which is having more digits after decimal points. For suppose, it has two digits after decimal point then multiply the given numbers with 100 and convert into integers.
  • Now you have to perform finding the Greatest common factor(GCF) of the integers you get in step 1.
  • Once you find the GCF of integers then convert the result into a decimal by dividing with 100 (the number that you multiplied the given decimals in step 1).
  • Finally, you will get the Greatest Common Factor of given decimals easily by hand.

Have a look at the worked-out example presented here and understand the concept behind the Finding GCF of Decimals to get a good grip on it.


Find the GCF of 3.09 and 0.6?


Given decimals are 3.09, 0.6.

In the given decimals, the highest digits having after the decimal point is 3.09, it has two digits so we have to multiply the both given decimals ie., 3.09 and 0.6 with 100.

After multiplying by 100, we get the decimals in integers as 309 and 60

Now we need to find the GCF of 309 and 60, to get the GCF of decimals

Here we are using a common division method to find the GCF of two numbers 309, 60.

3 309, 60
103, 20

GCF (309, 60) is 3.

Later, convert the GCF of integer result into decimals to get the Greatest Common Factor of decimals 3.09 and 0.6

In the final step, we need to divide the GCF of 309 and 60 with 100 (which is used in converting decimals to integers in step 1)

Once you divide, GCF/100 = 3/100, we get 0.03 the greatest factor that divides given decimals exactly.

Therefore, GCF of 3.09 and 0.6 is 0.03

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GCF of Decimals Calculation Examples

FAQs on GCF of Decimals Calculator

1. What is the abbreviation of GCF?

GCF stands for Greatest Common Factor and it is also called Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) or Highest Common Factor(HCF) or Highest Common Divisor(HCD).

2. What is the GCF of Decimals?

GCD or GCF of Decimals is the largest number that divisible by both the decimals evenly.

3. How to solve the GCF of Decimals by hand?

Solving the GCD of Decimals is quite simple by following the above-given steps. Follow the guidelines carefully and make your calculations easy & quick to attain the greatest common factor of given decimals.

4. Where can I get Solved Examples on GCF of Decimals?

You can find solved examples for GCF with step by step procedure on our page.

GCF of Decimals Calculator