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Inverse Function Calculator

We are pretty sure you will get the inverse of the given function by using a handy online Inverse Function Calculator tool. Simply enter the input in the respective fields and click on the calculate to get the inverse function in a short span of time.

Inverse Function Calculator
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Inverse Function Calculator: Are you looking for the procedure to find the inverse function of any function? We are here to help you out. You can get the detailed explanation of finding the inverse function of any expression and read the following sections to clear all your doubts regarding Inverse Function. It is unlike many other mathematical calculators and it will produce the step by step solution within seconds. Also, get to know the process to solve the inverse function manually with an example.

Steps to Calculate Inverse Function

Calculate the inverse function of the given function simply by following the below given steps.

  • Let us take one function f(x) having x as the variable
  • Consider that y is the function for f(x)
  • Swap the variables x and y, then the resulting function will be x
  • Now, solve the equation x for y
  • Find the value of y.


Question: Find the inverse of the function y=x+7/3x+5?


Given function is y=x+7/3x+5

Swap the variables x and y







The inverse function of x+7/3x+5 is 7-5x/3x-1

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Cot Inverse Calculator

FAQs on Inverse Function Calculator

1. How do you solve the inverse function?

Take any function f(x)=y and swap x, y values. Noe solve y in terms of x to get f^-1(x).

2. What is the inverse of 1/x?

Let f(x)=1/x=y

Swap the x and y values



3. What is the inverse function?

Inverse function or anti function is defined as a function, which can reverse into another function. If any function f takes x to y then, the inverse function takes y to x. Inverse function is denoted by f^-1.

4. What is the difference between inverse function and reciprocal function?

Inverse functions are one which returns the original value. Reciprocal functions can never return the original value. Inverse functions are denoted by f^-1(x). Whereas reciprocal functions are represented by 1/f(x) or f(x)^-1.