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Greater than Less than Calculator

By providing the inputs in the input filed and click on the calculate button results exact output along with a detailed solution by our Greater than Less than Calculator. S, utilize the tool and obtain the comparison of two numbers output instantly.


Greater than Less than Calculator

Here are some samples of Compare Numbers calculations.

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Greater than Less than Calculator: Do you want to learn the concept called comparison of two numbers using inequality signs? Then, this page is the right choice for you. We have discussed the most important mathematics topic knows as greater than less than for comparing the two numbers here. And, you will find details like What it is, how to compare numbers, etc from this page.

So, make use of this information and complete your math calculations easily & effortlessly. Also, we have created a free online Greater than less than Calculator to perform compare numbers calculations at a faster pace. You can avail the result in a fraction of seconds by using our handy tool ie, Greater than less than Calculator.

What Greater Than Less Than Is?

In number system, greater than less than concept acts as a major role in explaining which number is greater or lesser than the other number. For indicating the greater number, we use greater than symbol ie, > and to indicate a lesser number, we use less than symbol ie, <.

Comparison of Two Numbers

In Maths, symbols play an essential role in comparing the two numbers. To compare two integers or any values, we use equality and inequality symbols. Equal to, equivalent to, congruent to, etc. are some of the equality symbols. Less than, greater than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, etc. are few inequality symbols. Greater than & less than are both inequality symbols that are used to compare which number is greater or lesser from the given numbers or expressions.

Standard Form for Greater Than & Less Than

The standard form to represent the greater than or less than the number is given as:

Greater Than: First Number > Second Number

Example: 100 > 75

Less Than: First Number < Second Number

Example: 34 < 78

Method to compare two numbers to find greater or lesser

If you want to find which number is greater or lesser from the two given numbers. Check the below example:

Find which number is greater between the 2 given numbers: 35, 42

We could see that 42 is the highest value so we can write it as 35 < 42.

On the other hand, for negative numbers, the least number is the greatest one. So, consider two numbers: -56, -23 now find which number is greater or lesser.

We could see that -23 is the least value so it is a greater number than -56, we can write it as -56<-23.

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FAQs on Greater Than Less Than Calculator

1. How do you remember greater than less than inequality signs?

One of the most reliable ways to remember the greater than and less than signs is to imagine the Alligator Method, L Method, and Equal Sign Method.

2. How do you compare two numbers on a calculator?

A comparison of two numbers can be done through inequality signs like greater than less than. If you want to compare two numbers and find out which number is greater or lesser then provide the numbers as inputs in the input box of the Greater than Less than Calculator and click on the enter button. That's it! comparison of the two numbers is done.

3. Is 1 greater or lesser than 6?

The number 1 is less than 6. Thus, 1 < 6 in symbolic representation.

4. Is 0.2 or 0.02 greater?

The number 0.2 is greater than 0.02. If the more the no of zeroes after the decimal point the smaller the number is. So, 0.02 is a smaller number than 0.2.