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Ratio to Fraction Calculator

Ratio to Fraction Calculator will change the given ratio to fraction explaining everything in detail. Just Provide the input ratio in the corresponding input field of the online tool and avail the result i.e. fraction in its simplest form instantly.

Ex: Convert 2:9 to Fraction (or) Convert 4:9 to Fraction (or) Convert 5:8 to Fraction

Ratio to Fraction Calculator


Here are some samples of Ratio to Fraction calculations.

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Ratio to Fraction Calculator: Do you want to make your calculations easy and fun? The Ratio to Fraction Calculator over here will help you compute ratios to fractions easily. This online tool will help you find the ratios to its equivalent fractions and reduces the fractions to its simplest form. Easy to use Calculator will make all your calculations easier and displays the entire conversion within a fraction of seconds.

This tool works whether ratios are comparing two numbers as a proportion or comparing a number as a whole. Get to know the definitions of Ratio, Fraction, and the procedure to convert Ratio to Fraction, steps on how to use the Ratio to Fraction Calculator. Have a glance at the examples illustrating the step by step work involved in the conversion from ratio to fraction.

What is meant by Ratio to Fraction?

In Maths, Ratio to a fraction is the conversion of ratio to the simplified fraction form. Usually, the ratio is a relationship between two quantities and more often represented as fractions. The ratio has two parts same as fraction numerator and denominator. Similarly, fraction defines the part of a whole.

For example, you are having a pie and it is cut into 8 slices of which 3 are eaten. If we want to know the ratio of slices eaten compared to the pie then it is quite simple to find the ratio, place the slices that are eaten as the numerator and the total number of parts as denominator i.e. 3/8. This is the simplest form of explaining the concept of Ratios.

How to convert Ratio to Fraction?

If you are struggling with how to convert Ratio to Fraction you can check the below procedure. You can change the ratio to Fraction using two different methods and they are listed below. We will show you the methods on how to change ration to the fraction by taking examples and illustrating the work involved.

Part- to-whole ratio to Fraction

A part to the whole ratio is an expression of the relationship between the subset and an entire set. To convert part to the whole ratio you can simply rewrite the ratio as a fraction. Part A of the ratio is the numerator and Part B is the denominator. You can reduce the fraction after converting it if needed.


Convert ratio 3:2 to fraction form?


Ratio 3:2 can be expressed in the fraction form as 3/2

Part-to-Part Ratio to Fraction

A Part-to-Part ratio is an expression of the relationship between two subsets of a set. A Part-to-Part ratio is converted to two fractions, each equivalent to the part-to-whole ratio for each of the subsets. To convert, you need to add both the ratios together and this remains the denominator for each of the fractions and represents the whole set. For each part of the ratio, create a fraction with the numerator being the first part of the ratio and the denominator is the sum you just found. The result is fractions that represent the proportion of the subset to the whole set.


Convert the ratio of 1 orange to 3 Peaches in a fruit basket?


Firstly, find the denominator by summing up the parts i.e. 1+3 = 4

Place each part of the ratio over the denominator to find the fractions

Oranges = 1/4

Peaches = 3/4

Thus, 1/4 in the basket are Oranges and 3/4 of the fruits in the basket are peaches.

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How to use the Ratio to Fraction Calculator?

The Procedure to use Ratio to Fraction Calculator provided here will help you arrive at the solution easily. Follow these instructions carefully and convert the ratio to fractions in their simplest form. They are along the lines

  • Firstly, enter the ratio of numbers separated by the symbol ":" in the input field provided.
  • Click on the enter button next to the input field or from the enter button on your keyboard.
  • Finally, you will get the ratio reduced to the fraction in its simplest form in a very short span of time along with the detailed steps.
Converting Ratio to Fraction Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Ratio to Fraction Conversion

1. What are the two methods for converting ratio to fraction?

Two methods for converting ratio to fraction are Part- to-whole ratio to Fraction and Part-to-Part Ratio to Fraction.

2. Where do I get solved examples on ratio to fraction conversion?

You can get solved examples on the ratio to fraction conversion explained step by step on our page.

3. What is the ratio of 5:4 in the fraction form?

Ratio 5:4 can be expressed in fractions form(simplest form) as 5/4

4. How do I Calculate Ratios to Fractions Easily?

You can change ratios to fractions easily by taking the help of the handy and easy to use tool Ratios to Fraction Calculator on our page that displays the result in a fraction of second.