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Square Root Calculator

With this tool, you can estimate the square root of the given number quickly and automatically. Just enter the input in the input field and tap on the enter button to see the result.

Ex: Square root of 224 (or) Square root of 88 (or) Square root of 125

Square Root of:

Here are some samples of Square Root of a Number calculations.

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Square Root Calculator:Are you struggling to find Square Roots? Not anymore, as you can make use of our Square Root Calculator to determine the Square Root of any positive number you want. From this article, you will find what is a square root, and how to find the square root of a given number easily along with a detailed explanation.

What is Square Root?

Square Root is defined as the number as the value which gives the number when it is multiplied by itself. The symbol used to denote the square root is √. This radical symbol is also called sure or root symbol. If a number is a perfect square we can easily find the square root of the number. However, if the given number isn't a perfect square you can find the square root using a long division method. There is one more common notation of square root that you can use in complex calculations.

Standard form to represent the square root is given as √x

The alternative square root formula states that the square root of a number is a number raised to the fraction of one half.

√x = x(1/2)

How to find Square Root of a number?

Go through the below steps while finding the square root of a number.

  • Find the nearest square number above and below the number you are thinking of finding the square root.
  • The square root will be between the square roots of these numbers.
  • The closeness of the number to a square root indicates how close the root is.
  • Try many times to get the square root accurately.

How to Simplify Square Roots?

To Simplify Square Roots use the handy square roots property √x = x^(1/2). We can use these two forms of square roots and switch between them whenever you want. You need to check the number after the root symbol and find its factors. It can have a perfect square among its factors. You need to have at least one factor to be a perfect square in order to simplify a square root.

You may find the process of finding square roots a bit complicated in the initial stage but with enough practice, you will find them easily.

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Square Root Calculator

Square Root of a Number Example Calculations

FAQs on Square Root

1. What is meant by Perfect Square?

Any number multiplied by itself creates a perfect square.

2. How do you find the Square Root of Non-Perfect Square Numbers?

You can find the square root of non-perfect square numbers by using the long division method.

3. What is the symbol to denote square root?

Symbol to denote square root is √

4. Where do I get Procedure on how to find the square root in detail?

You can find the Procedure on how to find square root in detail on our page.

5. Can a number have more than one square root?

Yes, a number can have more than one square root. In fact, all positive numbers will have two square roots one is positive and the other is negative.