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Sigma Calculator

Use this Sigma Calculator tool to calculate the summation value of the given function. Simply enter the inputs in the respective input field and click on the enter button to avail the results instantaneously.

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Sigma Calculator: Gaining knowledge on the math concepts will make you strong in attempting the board/ competitive exams. Today, we will learn one of the mathematical concepts that help you in scoring good marks in exams. You can learn the process of summation in the below sections. Here, we have listed all the required details about the step by step process to evaluate sigma function with the range values. Get an example question of sigma function for better understanding.

How to Solve Summation of Function?

Go through the following sections to get the steps to solve the summation of a function in the given range. Actually, summation is the process of adding any numbers called the addends or summands which result in their total or sum.

  • Let us take any function having one variable and range of that particular variable.
  • Substitute one by one values in the given function and add all those terms
  • Find the sum of all terms to get the total.

Standard Form

Sigma is repressed as ∑ which means summation of terms. The standard form of Summation is as follows:

ab f(x)

Where a and b are the lower and upper limits

F is any function.


Question: Solve ∑110 (x-3)2?


Given expression is

110 (x-3)2

Substitute x from 1 to 10 values in the above function.





110 (x-3)2=145

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Sigma Calcualtor

FAQs on Sigma Calculator

1. What does sigma mean?

Sigma is the 18th letter of Greek alphabet and its symbol is ∑. In mathematics, upper case sigma is used for the summation notation and lower case sigma is used for standard deviation.

2. What is a sigma in statistics?

Sigma is a statistical measurement of variability showing how much variation exists from a statistical average. Sigma measures how far an observed data derivatives from the mean.

3. Solve ∑n=15 n?

n=15 n = 1+2+3+4+5


4. How do you calculate the sigma of a function?

Replace the variable with the given sequence values in the function and treat obtained one as terms. Add each and every terms to calculate the total.

5. Why do we use summation?

Usually, mathematical formulas require the addition of many variables, the summation method is convenient, and it gives a concise expression for the sum of the values of the variables.