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Inverse Trig Functions Calculator

Inverse Trig Functions Calculator gives output as the inverse of trigonometric functions immediately after hitting the calculate button. You have to give input values at the respective fields and press the calculate to find the result as the inverse of trig functions as early as possible.

Inverse Trig Functions Calculator

For Ranges:

-1 <= x <= 1

-π/2 <= y <= π/2

Inverse Trig Functions Calculator: Finding the Inverse Trigonometric Functions values is not difficult anymore. Isn't it awesome that you can calculate value of inverse trig functions easily using our tool? With this Inverse Trig Functions Calculator, you will learn how to find the inverse of trigonometric function values.

Know the process on how to find the inverse trig fuction of the given values, steps to follow while using our calculator. To make you familiar with the concept of Inverse Trigonometric Functions we have taken examples explaining step by step.

Steps to Calculate Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Want to know how to compute the inverse trig function values? Go through the following sections and get the simple and easy steps to calculate the inverse trigonometric functions values.

  • Take any value x for which you have to calculate the inverse trig functions.
  • Also, take the range of the trigonometric functions.
  • Let us say Inverse of any trigonometric function is y, then trig function of y becomes x value.
  • Using this method, you will get two answers for every value of the trig function.
  • Check that which answer is lying in the given range. And write this as your answer for that trig function.


Question: Compute the inverse trigonometric functions of (1/2) at [-π/2, π/2]?


Given value is 1/2

sin-1(1/2) = y

sin (y) = 1/2

The value of y would be π/6, 5π/6.

But, π/6 lies in the given range.

So, sin-1(1/2) = π/6

cos-1(1/2) = y

cos (y) = 1/2

In this case, y will be 60, 120.

60 is lying in the range [-π/2, π/2].

cos-1(1/2) = 60

tan-1(1/2) = y

tan(y) = sin(y)/cos(y)

tan(y)= ½/½



cot-1(1/2) = y

cot(y) = 1/tan(y)

cot(y) = 1/1

cot(y) = 1


secant-1(1/2) = y

secant-1(1/2) = 1/cos-1(1/2)



cosecant-1(1/2) = y

cosecant-1(1/2) = 1/sin-1(1/2)


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Inverse Trig Functions Calculator

FAQs on Inverse Trig Functions Calculator

1. What are the different trigonometric functions and relation between them?

We have a total of 6 trigonometric functions. They are Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, Cosecant. Tangent = Sine/Cosine, Cotangent = 1/Tangent, Secant = 1/Cosine, Cosecant = 1/Sine.

2. How do you find the inverse of a trig functions using calculator?

Enter your input number in the input box and press on the calculate button to get the output of all trigonometric functions.

3. Where can I get the step by step process to find the inverse trig function values?

You can get the detailed procedure to find the inverse trigonometric function values on our page.