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Dilution Factor Calculator

Dilution Factor Calculator evaluates the total to stock, dilutant to the stock of the solution by using the solution initial volume and diluted volume. Just enter the inputs such as the diluted volume, initial volume and hit the calculate button to get the dilution factors as output easily.

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Dilutant Volume
Final Volume
Dilution Factors:
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Dilutant to stock

Dilution Factor Calculator: Do you feel it is difficult to solve problems related to the dilution factor? Don't worry as you can make use of the Calculator Dilution Factor over here for the help needed. Learn the step by step process to find the final volume, total to stock and dilutant to stock details. Also, get what is dilution factor, its formula, example questions and solutions in the further modules.

How to Calculate Dilution Factor?

The detailed process to get the dilution factor of a dilution si given here.

  • Know stock volume, dilutant volume of the solution.
  • Add initial volume to the dilutant volume to get the final volume
  • Total to stock is the ratio of final volume to the stock volume
  • Dilutant to stock is the ratio of dilutant volume to the stock volume.

What is the Dilution Factor?

The dilution factor is the notation used to express how much the original stock solution is present in the total solution, after dilution. It can be expressed as the ratio or exponent. The dilution factor is the ratio of parts of the stock solution to the parts of the diluted added or the parts of the stock solution to the parts of the total solution.

Dilution Factor Formula

The dilution factor formulas are provided here:

S:D = stock volume : diluted volume

S:T = Stock volume : total volume


Question: A chemist takes stock solution volume is 5 m3 and dilutes it. The dilutant volume is 8 m3, find the dilution factors?


Given that

Stock volume = 5 m3

Dilutant volume = 8 m3

Final volume = stock volume + dilutant volume

= 5 + 8 = 13

Total:Stock = total volume:stock volume

= 13/5 = 3.6

Dilutant:Stock = dilutant volume:stock volume

= 8/5 = 1.6

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FAQ’s on Dilution Factor Calculator

1. What is meant by dilution?

Dilution is a process in which the solute concentration in the solution is reduced. This process is done by adding more solvent to the solution. In general, either acid or base is mixed with water to reduce the concentration of ions in the solution is known as the dilution process.

2. How to calculate the dilution factor using the concentration?

The formula that is used to find the dilution is M₁V₁ = M₂V₂. Here, M₁ is the original solution concentration, V₁ is the volume of the original solution, M₂ is the concentration of the diluted solution, V₂ is the volume of the diluted solution.

Dilution Factor = M₁/M₂ = V₁/V₁.

3. What is the dilution factor formula?

The dilution factor is expressed as the ratio. The formula is given here:

Dilution factor = stock solution volume/dilutant volume = stock volume/total volume.

4. What is 1 to 2 dilution?

A dilution 1 to 2 can be written as 1/2. It means you have to dilute a solution in half, but it is written as 1 : 2. These two forms are not equal. One represents the dilution and the second is the ratio.