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Molar Mass of Gas Calculator

Given Ideal Gas Molar Mass Calculator, provides the moles, molar mass of gas easily. Simply enter the mass, volume, temperature and pressure details in the specified input fields and hit the calculate button to find the result quickly.

Molar Mass Of Gas

Gas Molar Mass Calculator: This calculator uses the ideal gas law formula to find the molar mass of gas and the number of moles in it. Check the step by step process to calculate the mass of a gas and solved example questions. Know what is molar mass, the molar mass equation and other useful details in the following sections of this page.

Steps to Find Molar Mass of Gas

These are the simple steps to calculate the molar mass of the gas easily. Follow these rules and prinbciples

  • Know the volume, pressure, mass and temperature.
  • Multiply the pressure and volume
  • Divide the result by the product of 0.0821 and temperature to get the number of moles
  • Again divide the mass of the gas by number of moles to check the molar mass of gas.

Molar Mass and Moles

A mole is a unit that is used to measure the matter. Each mole has exactly 6.02214076 x 1023 elementary particles. The unit gram per mole describes the weight of one mole in the given substance.

Molar mass, atomic mass, molecular mass are different quantities. Molar mass is the mass of the one mole of a substance. Atomic mass is the mass of a unit of the substance and molecular mass is the mass of one molecule of the substance.

Ideal Gas Law Formula

This ideal gas law formula is helpful to find the number of moles available in a substance. The formula is:

Moles = (Pressure * Volume) / (0.0821 * Temperature)

The molar mass equation is molar mass = mass/moles


Question: Calculate the molar mass of gas having volume 25 cm3, mass 5 g, temperature 10 celcius and pressure 20 atm.


Given that

Volume of the gas = 25 cm3

Mass = 5 g

Temperature = 10 celcius

pressure = 20 atm

Number of moles = (Pressure * Volume) / (0.0821 * Temperature)

= (20 x 25)/(0.0821 x 10)

= 609.01

molar mass = mass/moles

= 5/609.01

= 8.21 x 10-3

Therefore, the molar mass of gas is 8.21 x 10-3 g/mol.

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Frequently Asked Question's on Molar Mass of a Gas Calculator

1. What is the molar mass of a gas?

The molar mass of a chemical compound is the mass of the sample divided by the amount of substance. The molar mass of a particular gas is the mass of the single-particle of that gas multiplied by the Avogadro number.

2. Find the molar mass of the gas when 5 litres of the gas at STP have a mass of 12.5 grams?

Molar mass is the mass of 1 mole of the gas.

At STP, 1 mole of gas occupies a volume of 22.4 L

5 litres of gas at STP have a mass of 12.5 grams

22.4 litres of the gas at STP have a mass of 12.5 x (22.4/5) = 56 grams

So, the molar mass of gas is 56 grams.

3. How to Find Molar Mass of a Gas using Calculator?

Just enter the pressure, temperature, volume and mass of the gas in the calculator and click the calculate button to check the ideal gas molar mass in a short span of time.

4. What is the gas molar mass formula?

The formula to calculate the molar mass of gas is M = 0.0821 x P x V x W/T. Here, M is the gas molar mass, P is pressure, V is volume, W is the mass of gas, T is temperature.