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Adding Mixed Numbers Calculator

Our handy Adding Mixed Numbers Calculator computes the addition of any two mixed numbers easily & fastly. You must provide the mixed numbers in the specified input fields and press on the calculate button which is in blue color to find the output in a short span of time.



Here are some samples of Addition of Mixed Numbers calculations.

Adding Mixed Numbers Calculator: Are you searching for a free tool that finds the addition of two mixed numbers? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Here we are providing the easy steps to calculate the sum of two mixed numbers manually. Also, check out the solved examples for a better understanding of the concept. Have a look at the below sections to know more about the addition of mixed numbers.

How to Add Two Mixed Numbers?

You feel addition of mixed numbers is quite easy by following the below mentioned steps. Undergo the instructions and steps to calculate the sum of two mixed numbers effortlessly.

  • At first, let us take any two mixed numbers in the form of a(b/c).
  • Insert addition symbol "+" between those two numbers.
  • Either convert those mixed numbers to improper numbers or expand those mixed numbers separated by addition symbol.
  • Find out the lcm of denominator numbers.
  • Add those fraction numbers and whole numbers.
  • Convert the obtained fraction to the mixed number to get the answer.


Question: Find addition of 5(3/4), 9(4/5)?


Given numbers are 5(3/4) and 9(4/5)

5(3/4) + 9(4/5) = ?

Expand the given mixed numbers

= 5 + 3/4 + 9 + 4/5

LCM of 4, 5 is 20

Solve the fraction part

3/4 + 4/5 = (3 * 5 + 4 * 4) / 20

= (15 + 16) / 20

= 31/20

Solve the whole numbers part

= 5 + 9 = 14

Combine fraction and whole number

= 14(31/20)

∴ 5(3/4) + 9(4/5) = 14(31/20)

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Frequently Asked Question's on Adding Mixed Numbers

1. How do you add mixed numbers with different denominators?

Firstly, add the whole numbers and find out the lcm of denominators of two fractions. Then, add the fraction numbers. Combine the addition of whole numbers and fraction to get the answer.

2. How do you add mixed numbers on a calculator?

To add mixed numbers easily using our handy calculator tool, you must enter the mixed numbers in the input sections of the calculator. Press on the calculate button to obtain the accurate output within no time.

3. What is the formula to add mixed numbers?

a(b/c) + d(e/f) = (a + d)[(b * f + c * e) / (c * f)]

Where a and d is the whole numbers in the mixed numbers.

b/c, e/f are the fractions in the mixed numbers.

4. Calculate 1(2/3) + 3(8/15) by converting into improper fractions?

Improper fraction of 1(2/3) = 1 + 2/3 = 5/3

Improper fraction of 3(8/15) = 3 + 8/15 = 53/15

1(2/3) + 3(8/15) = 5/3 + 53/15

= (5 * 5 + 53) / 15 = 78/15

Convert 78/15 to mixed number = 5 (3/15)