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Complex Fractions Calculator

Taking help from this Complex Fractions Calculator will let you provide the exact result for all your complications calculations of complex fractions. Just enter the values in the input field of the tool and hit on the calculate button to solve the problem & provide the output with show steps.

Ex: [5(1/3) ÷ -6/15] + [7/3 ÷ -1(1/5)] (or) [5(1/3) ÷ 6/15] - [7/3 ÷ 1(1/5)] (or) [5(1/3) ÷ 6/15] ÷ [7/3 ÷ 1(1/5)]


Here are some samples of Complex Fractions calculations.

Complex Fractions Calculator: To add, subtract, multiply or divide complex fractions, the best solution is making use of the Complex Fraction Calculator. This Calculator makes your calculations much easier and faster along with a detailed explanation. However, this tool helps you all in understanding the concept efficiently as well as provides you the results in the blink of an eye. So, refer to the below sections and properly follow the shown steps to solve the complex fractions manually.

How to Solve Complex Fractions?

Check out the below mentioned easy steps to solve the complex fractions manually and calculate your lengthy complex fractions calculations so simple & fast. The steps are as follows:

  • In order to get the complex fractions in the reduced form or lowest terms, first, consider your inputs which can be in mixed fractions or proper fractions.
  • If you want to add or subtract the complex fractions, just find out the least common denominator and do math operations to attain the reduced fraction.
  • If you want to divide or multiply complex fractions, simply do the division rule or basic rules of arithmetic with fractions.
  • That's it, at last, you will attain the result if possible simplify or reduce the fraction & convert to a mixed fraction where possible.

Also, it is possible to simplify the complex fractions easily using two methods by LCD and Division Fraction. Want to know How to simplify complex fractions with these two methods? Then visit our site


Question: Solve (78/7)*(67/89) [multiplication of complex fractions]?


Given input is (78/7)*(67/89)

Remove the parenthesis

(78/7)*(67/89) = 78/7 * 67/89

Use the Multiply Fraction formula:

a/b * c/d = a*c / b*d

Now, substitute the values into the formula and calculate the complex fractions

⇒ 78*67 / 7*89

Multiply the top numbers and bottom numbers separately to get the simplest form of (78/7)*(67/89)

⇒ 5226/623

At last, reduce or simplify the fraction into a mixed or proper fraction

⇒ 5226/623 = 8 242/623

Thus, the multiplication of complex fractions (78/7)*(67/89) is 8 242/623.

Complex Fraction Calculator

FAQs on Complex Fractions Calculator

1. What are the methods to be used to solve complex fractions?

For addition and Subtraction of complex fractions, finding the least common denominator is the best method. For division and multiplication of complex fractions, simply use the arithmetic fractions calculations.

2. What are the basic arithmetic operations performed using fractions?

The standard arithmetic operation performed using fractions are Adding fractions, Subtracting fractions, Multiplying fractions, and Dividing Fractions.

3. How do you solve complex fractions using a calculator?

Solving the complex fractions using a calculator is the smart way. All you need to do is just give input numerators, denominators in the input field, and click on the Calculate button to attain the output instantly.

4. Where can I get a detailed procedure to calculate complex fractions to its simplest form?

You can get a detailed procedure to calculate complex fractions on our page.