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Ordering Fractions Calculator

Utilize the free online and instant tool of Ordering Fractions Calculator to order the entered fractions set in ascending or descending form within no time. So, just enter the input fractions in the input section and hit on the calculate button to get the result along with a detailed explanation. 

Ex: 1/5,3/4,9(1/12),5/8 (or) 1/5,3/4,0.35,35%,5/8 (or) 1/5,3/4,35/100,35%,5/8

Ordering Fractions of

Here are some samples of Ordering Fractions calculations.

Ordering Fractions Calculator: Calculating the comparing and ordering fractions can be quite tough manually. It takes time to convert given mixed numbers or decimals to improper fractions. So, the best solution to order fractions easily & quickly is using the Ordering Fractions Calculator. It is a free online & handy tool that displays Ordered Fractions for the given input from least to greatest form or from greatest to least form. Make use of our Ordering Fractions Calculator and do calculations simple and fast. Also, understand the concept with detailed steps.

How to Order Fractions from least to greatest or greatest to least? 

Steps to compare & order fractions for the given inputs can be done simply by using the Ordering Fractions Calculator provided by If you want to order fractions in ascending and descending form manually then following the below steps can be helpful for you all. So, check out the steps listed over here regarding the process of Comparing and Ordering Fractions:

  • First and foremost, Convert integers and mixed numbers to improper fractions.
  • Then, Find the least common denominator LCD of all the fractions.
  • Next, change each fraction to the equivalent fraction using the least common denominator(LCD).
  • Now, Check the numerators of the new fractions and sort them in ascending or descending order.
  • Finally, rewrite each fraction as the original fraction, mixed number, or integer value to see the final order of a given set of fractions.


Question: Order the Fractions 4 5/7, 3/5, 7 8/6, 5/8 from least to greatest form?


Given, Set of Fractions is 4 5/7, 3/5, 7 8/6, 5/8

First, you need to convert the mixed fractions, proper fractions to improper fractions

⇒ 4 5/7, 3/5, 7 8/6, 5/8

⇒ 33/7, 3/5, 50/6, 5/8

Next, find the least common denominator(LCD) for all of the fractions in the set

⇒ The least common denominator is 840.

Later, rewrite the equivalent fractions with the denominator ie., 840.

⇒4 5/7, 3/5, 7 8/6, 5/8

⇒ 3960/840, 504/840, 7000/840, 525/840

Now, sort the numerators of equivalent fractions from least to greatest as asked in the question:

⇒ 504/840 < 525/840 < 3960/840 < 7000/840

Finally, match the equivalent fractions with original fractions and rewrite the Ordered Fractions set:

⇒ 504/840 < 525/840 < 3960/840 < 7000/840

⇒ 3/5 < 5/8 < 4 5/7 < 7 8/6

Thus, the ordered inputs from least to greatest is 3/5 < 5/8 < 4 5/7 < 7 8/6.

Ordering Fractions Calculator

FAQs on Handy & Online Ordering Fractions Calculator

1. What type of numbers does the Ordering Fractions Calculator support?

The Ordering Fractions Calculator available here supports students to enter the numbers like integers, mixed numbers, fractions, and improper fractions in the input set of fractions and displays the sorted fractions list in no time.

2. How to Use the Ordering Fractions Calculator?

All you need to do is provide the input set of fractions in the input field and tap on the calculate button to get the output instantly with detailed steps.

3. In how many ways the given set of fractions can be ordered?

You all can order fractions in two ways ie., from least to greatest and from greatest to least also knows as ascending order & descending order.

4. Where do I find the detailed procedure to get the Ordering Fractions?

You can get a detailed procedure to get the Ordering Fractions in detail at