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Number Minus Fraction Calculator

Free online Number Minus Fraction Calculator is provided here to subtract a number from a fraction within a short span of time. Just give number and fraction in the allotted input sections of the calculator and click on the calculate button to get the accurate result immediately.



Here are some samples of Subtraction of Fraction from Whole Number calculations.

Number Minus Fraction Calculator: Are you wondering to calculate the number minus fraction? Then make use of this online calculator tool that produces the exact output easily. Along with the result, you will also get the detailed explanation on this page. Check out the step by step procedure to subtract any real number from a fraction and solved examples in the below sections.

Steps to Subtract Number from a Fraction

The best and easiest way to compute the subtraction of a real number from a fraction are given below. Have a look at them and follow to get the result in fraction of seconds.

  • Let us take one real number and a fraction having numerator and denominator. Where denominator of the fraction is not equal to zero.
  • Use the simple formula to subtract number from fraction.
  • All you have to do is simply multiply the denominator of fraction with the whole number.
  • Subtract the numerator of fraction from the product obtained in above step.
  • Now, write subtracted value as numerator of the output and keep the denominator as it is to get the answer.


Question: Calculate 5 minus 10/3 and show the detailed work?


Given input is 5 minus 10/3

It is expressed as 5 - 10/3

Multiply the denominator of fraction 3 with the whole number 5

= 5 * 3 = 15

Subtract product from the numerator of fraction 10

= 15 - 10 = 5

Finally, write subtracted value as numerator and denominator remains same.

= 5/3

Therefore, 5 - 10/3 = 5/3. is an advanced mathematics tool where you can learn, practice, and discover various topics. The handy calculator tools available solve any type of problems easily as well as fastly.

Number Minus Fraction Calculator

FAQs on Number Minus Fraction

1. What is the formula to find Number Minus Fraction?

The formula to subtract a whole number from fraction is (A * C - B) / C.

Where A is the whole number

B is the numerator number of the fraction

C is the denominator number of the fraction

2. How to calculate number minus fraction?

At first, multiply the denominator with the whole number and subtract it from the numerator of fraction. Obtained fraction is the result.

3. Where do I get the detailed process to subtract a fraction from whole number?

You can get the detailed step by step for solving number minus fraction on our website.

4. Solve 3 Minus 7/5?

3 - 7/5 = (3 * 5 - 7) / 5

= (15 - 7) / 5 = -8/5