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Surface Area Calculator

You can use this excellent Surface Area Calculator to find the surface area of a sphere in fraction of seconds. Just give the radius or diameter of the sphere as input in the specified box and hit on the calculate button which is next to the input box and get the surface area as result fastly.

Surface Area Calculator: Master your geometry skills by using the tool provided here. Learn about what is the Surface Area, different geometric figures surface area formulae and how to find the surface area of a sphere manually. Simply enter your radius and press calculate to get the result immediately. Make your calculations quite easy as the tool gives the simple step by step explanation. Along with the detailed explanation, you will also get the examples on surface area.

How to Get the Surface Area of a Sphere?

Usually, the radius will be given to compute the surface area of the sphere. You can also find the surface area when diameter is given, because diameter is twice the radius. In the following sections, you will get the detailed steps of solving the surface area of a sphere. Follow these simple steps, to get the result without facing any issues.

  • You must have either radius or diameter to get the surface area.
  • The formula to find the surface area of a sphere A = 4πr2, where r is the sphere radius.
  • Another formula is A = 4π(d/2)2, where d is the diameter of the sphere.
  • Substitute the given values in the formula.
  • Perform the calculations and find the Surface Area.
  • In the given formula π value is either 22/7 or 3.14.


Question: Calculate the surface area of a sphere with radius 3.2 cm?


Given that

Radius of sphere r = 3.2 cm

Surface area of sphere = 4πr2

Substitute the radius value in above formula

A = 4π (3.2)2

= 4 x 3.14 x 3.2 x 3.2

= 128.6 cm2

Surface Area of Sphere is 128.6 cm2.

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Surface Area Calculator

FAQs on Surface Area Calculator

1. How do you define the surface area?

Surface area is a total area that surface of an object covers or the teal area of the surface of a 3D object.

2. What are the various formulas of surface area?

  • Surface area of a sphere is A = 4πr2, where r is the radius of the sphere.
  • Surface area of a cube is A = 6x2, where x is side length of a cube.
  • Surface area of a cone is A = πr2 + πr√(r2+h2, where h is the height and r is the radius of cone.
  • Surface area of a cylinder is A = 2πr2 + 2πrh, where r is the radius and h is the height of the cylinder.

3. The diameter of the base of a cylinder is 12 cm and the height is 8 cm. Find the surface area of the solid cylinder?

Diameter of a Cylinder = 12 cm

Height of Cylinder = 8 cm

Radius = 12/2 = 6 cm

Surface Area of Cylinder = 2πr (r + h)

= 2x22/7x6 (6+8)

=2x22/7x6 (14)


A = 528 cm2

4. What is the surface area of a cube with a side length of 7 cm?

Length of side = 7 cm

Surface Area A = 6 * l2

A = 6 * 72

A = 6*49

= 294

5. How to find surface area of a sphere using calculator?

Enter your input as the radius or diameter of the sphere and press on the calculate button to check the surface area of a sphere easily in the output section.