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Triangle Area Calculator

Handy Triangle Area Calculator is an instant online tool that computes the area of a triangle by taking the inputs base and height of the triangle. Just enter height and base length of the triangle and tap on the calculate button to find the area of triangle effortlessly and fastly.

Triangle Area Calculator: Searching for the best tool that calculates the triangle area in a simple manner then take the help of our free online Triangle Area Tool. Have an insight into the details like what are the steps to solve the area of a triangle manually and best solved example. Make use of the detailed explanation to learn the concept. This calculates computes the triangle area and produces the answer in split seconds.

Step by Step Process to Compute Area of the Triangle

Follow the below mentioned simple and easy steps to get the triangle area in fraction of seconds. We have two methods to compute the triangle area. When we know base and height of the triangle, we use first method and second method is used when you know three sides of the triangle.

Method 1: When You Know Base and Height of Triangle

  • Get the base and height of the triangle.
  • Formula to compute the triangle area is base * height / 2.
  • Place the given values in the above formula.
  • Perform multiplication and division operations.
  • The final value will be the area of the triangle.

Method 2: When you have Three Sides of Triangle

  • Let us consider the three sides of a triangle as a, b, c.
  • Then find p value which is half of the perimeter or a+b+c/2.
  • According to the Heron's Formula for the area of a triangle is √p(p-a)(p-b)(p-c).
  • Substitute your values in the Heron's Formula.
  • Perform all the required mathematical operations to get the area of triangle.

Area of Triangle Formulae

Here, we are giving the formula to get the different types of triangles area.

Area of an Isosceles Triangle is A = 1/2 (base * height)

Area of a Right Angled Triangle is A = 1/2 (base * height) [height is the perpendicular distance].

Area of an Equilateral Triangle is A = √3/4 * side2

Area of Triangle with Three Sides (Heron’s Formula) is A = √p(p-a)(p-b)(p-c)

where p is the half of the perimeter or (a+b+c)/2

Triangle area for when you know two sides and included angle is ∆ABC = 1/2 bc sin A

∆ABC = 1/2 ab sin C

∆ABC = 1/2 ca sin B

Here, A, B, C are included angles and a, b, c are sides of the triangle.


Question 1: Find the area of an obtuse-angled triangle with a base of 4 cm and a height 7 cm?


Given Base b = 4 cm, Height h = 7 cm

Area of triangle A = ½ * b * h

= ½ * 4 * 7

=2 * 7

=14 cm2

Area of the absolute angles triangle is 14 cm2.

Question 2: If, in ∆ABC, A = 30° and b = 2, c = 4 in units. Then what is the area of triangle?


Given that,

A = 30° and b = 2 units, c = 4 units

Area (∆ABC) = ½ bc sin A

= ½ x 2 x 4 sin(30°)

= 4 x ½

= 2 sq units.

Area of tiangle is 2 sq units.

Question 3: What is the area of triangle? if its sides are a = 3, b = 2, c = 10.


Given that

Three sides of triangle are a = 3, b = 2, c = 10

Triangle Area A = √p(p-a)(p-b)(p-c)

p = a+b+c/2

= 3+2+10/2 = 15/2 = 7.5

A = √7.5(7.5-3)(7.5-2)(7.5-10)

= √7.5 (4.5) (5.5) (-2.5)

= √-464.0625

= 21.542

Area is 21.542

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Triangle Area Calculator

FAQs on Triangle Area Calculator

1. What are the different types of trinagles and formulae to compute their area?

The different types of triangles are Isosceles triangle, Equilateral triangle and Scalene triangle.

  • Equilateral triangle: If three sides of the triangle are equal then it is called equilateral triangle. Formula to compute its area is (√3/4) side2.
  • Isosceles triangle: If any two sides or angles of a triangle are equal, then it is called isosceles triangle. The formula to check its area is ½ (base * height).
  • Scalene triangle: If three sides of finagler are different, then it is called scalene triangle. The formula to check its area is 0.25 * √((a + b + c ) * (-a + b+c ) * (a - b + c) * (a + b -c)).

2. What is the area of triangle, when you know angle and side?

The area of triangle when you know two sides and angle between them is 1/2 * a * b sinC.

The triangle area when you know two angles and one side is A = a2 sinB * sinC / (2 * sin(B+C))

3. How to find the area of a triangle using vectors?

Let us say, we are having two vectors u and v forming a triangle. Then, the area of triangle is equal to half of the magnitude of the product of these two vectors. A = ½ |u × v|.

4. What is meant by area of triangle?

Area of triangle is defined as the total region occupied by the three sides of any particular object. Basically, it is equal to the half of base times height.

5. What is the area of an equilateral triangle having side length 6 cm?

Side of triangle = 6 cm

Area = √3/4 * side2

= √3/4 * 62

= √3/4 * 6 * 6

= √3 * 3 * 3

= 9√3 cm2

Area is 9√3 cm2.