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Math Equation Solver

Free Online Tool displays the solutions for your Maths Equations instantly. You just need to input the math equations and our Math Equation Solver does the entire calculation for you instantly after you hit the calculate button.

Math Equation Solver: Do you feel solving math equations tough and don't know the order of operations much? Don't worry as you can take help from the online tool Math Equation Solver. You will come to know about the manual procedure on how to solve the Maths Equations. For a better understanding of the concept have a look at the examples provided.

How to Solve Math Equations?

Solving Math Equations you need to know the order of operations. To help you with that and which operation you need to perform first when a series of operators are there in an equation check out the steps below. You can remember easily as BODMAS Rule.

  • Solve Math Problems as per the standard mathematical order of operations from left to right.
  • Parenthesis - While working in an equation from left to right firstly consider the expressions in parenthesis. In the case of nested parenthesis work from innermost to the outermost.
  • Exponents and Roots - After the Parenthesis calculate all the exponents and roots in an expression.
  • Multiplication and Division - Later solve for Multiplication and Division expressions at a time.
  • Addition and Subtraction - At last, solve for Addition and Subtraction expressions in the equation while working from left to right.


Question: Solve Math Equation (10+52)((5*-2)+9-33)/2?


Given Input Equation (10+52)((5*-2)+9-33)/2

Applying BODMAS Rule and solving the given expression step by step

= (10+52)*((5*-2)+9-33)/2

= (10+25)*((5*-2)+9-33)/2

= (35)*((5*-2)+9-33)/2

= 35*((5*-2)+9-33)/2

= 35*((-10)+9-33)/2

= 35*(-10+9-33)/2

= 35*(-10+9-27)/2

= 35*(-1-27)/2

= 35*(-28)/2

= 35*-28/2

= -980/2

= -490

Therefore, (10+52)((5*-2)+9-33)/2 on simplification is -490.

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Math Equation Solver

FAQs on Math Equation Solver

1. Which rule explains the Math order of Operations?

BODMAS rule explains the order of Operations in Math Equations.

2. What does BODMAS Stand for?

BODMAS stands for Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction.

3. How to use Math Equation Solver?

Simply provide the input math equation you want to solve in the input section and click on the calculate button next to it to get the output easily.

4. Where do I get the detailed procedure for Solving Math Equations?

You can get the detailed procedure for Solving Math Equations on our page.