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Remainder Calculator

Online tool Remainder Calculator is programmed to perform the division operation of two different numbers and produce the result in no time.

Remainder Calculator

Remainder Calculator: Searching for a straightforward tool that gives remainder for your decimals? Remainder Calculator does all your calculation instantly by avoiding lengthy calculations. You just provide two numbers i.e Dividend and Divisor as inputs and get remainder as output.

How to Calculate Remainder?

Here is the step by step process to find the remainder of a fraction. To check the remainder, you must have a fraction in the form of dividend/ divisor.

  • Take any two numbers which are Dividend and Divisor.
  • Multiply the divisor with the highest possible decimal that is less than the divisor
  • Subtract Dividend with the obtained number
  • Repeat the second & third steps till you have left zero numbers at the Dividend
  • The resultant number obtained at the end is called remainder


Question. What is the Remainder for 22/3?


Given Dividend is 22, Divisor is 3

When we divide 22 with 3

We will get 7.3333 as the answer

Multiply the obtained number with Divisor i.e 7*3=21

Subtract the solution from Dividend to get the remainder 22-21=1

Remainder Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Remainder Calculator

1. Can I calculate Remainder for a fraction without having a calculator?

Yes, you can calculate the remainder of a fraction without having a calculator. For example 18/5 is the fraction. Consider 5*highest possibility number that is less than 18 i.e 3. Then subtract 18-15 i.e (5*3) to get the remainder which is also 3.

2. How can I calculate remainder for 15.6?

Convert the given decimal number into a fraction i.e 156/10. Take the number 15 and multiply by 10 (Dividend) i.e 15*10=150. Subtract this from the Divisor which is 156-150=6 to arrive the remainder. The remainder of 15.6 is 6.

3. How do you calculate the remainder?

Work on the division of the numbers as normal. Once you got the answer in decimal form, subtract the whole number and multiply the left decimal value with the divisor of your original question. The obtained result is your remainder.

4. How do you find the remainder and quotient?

In a fraction, the number which we divide is called a dividend. The number which divides the dividend is known as the divisor. The result obtained after the division process is quotient and the number left over is called the remainder.