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Third Quartile Calculator

This Upper or Third Quartile is a user-friendly mathematical tool which provides the Q3 result by just entering the input list in the input field & click the calculate button provided next to the box.

Ex: 32,45,12,17,43,68,75,8,11,29

Third Quartile of:

Here are some samples of Third Quartile calculations.

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Upper or Third Quartile Calculator: Upper Quartile Calculator is quite easy and simple to use tool to find out the third quartile of the given set of data. You all can avail the output in just a fraction of seconds for your lengthy calculations by using our free online upper and third quartile calculator. Let's check more information about the third quartile calculator and the entire concept from this page. Here, we have given all details along with a handy upper quartile calculator.

What is Upper or Third Quartile (Q3)?

The third quartile (Q3) also called upper quartile (QU) which is equal to the 75th percentile of the data. It splits off the lowest 75% of data from the highest 25% of the given data. Also, the third quartile value is the median of the third quartile data set or upper half of the data set.

Formula for Finding Upper Quartile of Numbers

The formulas to calculate the third quartile for integer and non-integer is given as under:

How to Determine Q3 or Upper Half Quartile easily?

Follow the steps that are listed here to determine the third quartile of numbers easily and effortlessly:

  1. At first, sort the list in ascending order and divide the list into four equal quarters.
  2. Q1, Q2, and Q3 quartiles and then take the third quartile which is also known as the upper half of the data.
  3. Now, arrange the upper half in order and find out the median of the numbers.
  4. If the data is even, then the third quartile of numbers is the middle value.
  5. If the data is odd, then the upper quartile or Q3 of the numbers is the mean of two middle values.

That's it! you're done with finding the upper or third quartile of the numbers manually. To check the result is correct or not just use our free online & handy upper or third quartile calculator and give the data set as input and get the output in less time along with step by step guide.

Third Quartile Calculator

Third Quartile Example Calculations

FAQs on Upper or Third Quartile Calculator

1. Is the third quartile as same as the upper quartile?

Yes, the third quartile also called the upper quartile has 75 percent of the data below it and the top 25 percent of the data above it.

2. How do I find the upper quartile?

The upper quartile is nothing but the median of the upper half of a data set. This can be calculated by dividing the data set with the median and then dividing the upper half that lives with the median again, this median of the upper half is called upper quartile and that's the process to find the upper quartile or third quartile.

3. Why Calculate the Quartiles?

Quartiles are used to calculate the interquartile range, which is a measure of variability around the median.

4. Where can I find the process of finding the third quartile easily using Upper or Third Quartile Calculator?

You can easily find the simple process for finding the third quartile using Upper or Third Quartile Calculator prevailed on our website ie.,