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Median Calculator

Utilize this online Median Calculator and check out the result for the given list of data set within no time by just providing the set of numbers as an input in the below input box and tap on the calculate button provided right next to the box.

Ex: 32,45,12,17,43,68,75,8,11,29

Median of:

Here are some samples of Median calculations.

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What is the Median?

The median is the central number of a data set. Sort the given set of numbers in ascending order and locate the central number. Then the central number is the median. In simple words, the median is also the number that is halfway into the set.

Median of Numbers Formula

If we have an odd set of numbers, the formula will be:

Median=[(n+1)/2]th item,

where n=Set of Numbers

If we have even set of numbers, the formula will be:

Median = Mean of two middle items i.e.,

Median=Average of [n/2]th item and [(n+2)/2]th item

How to Find the Median Value for Given Data?

The Median is the 'middle' of a sorted list of numbers. In other words, it is the mid-value or the average value of the given data set. To find it, first, arrange the set of given numbers in ascending order and then find the middle number.

If the number of data is odd, then the middle number of the data set is median. Then use the formula Median = (n+1)/2, where n is set of numbers.

If the number of data is even, then the median is the sum of the middle two value divide by 2. or else median is equal to mean of two middle numbers. So, to find the median for even set of data, use the formula Median = (n/2 + (n+2)/2)/(2), where n is set of numbers.

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Median Calculator

Median Example Calculations

FAQs on Median Calculator

1. What is the Median?

In mathematics, the median is the middle value of a set of numbers when the data have been arranged in ascending order.

2. How to find the median value when the data is even?

If the given data is even, you have to make use of the median formula ie., median = mean of middle two numbers to find the median value for the given set of numbers.

3. What is the formula for the median of numbers?

If the set of data is odd, Median = middle value ie., (n+1)/2

If the set of data is even, Median = mean of two middle values. ie., ((n/2)+((n+2)/2))/2

Where 'n' is a set of numbers.

4. Find the median of 3,7,12,89,34,98?>

Given numbers are 3,7,12,89,34,98

Firstly, the numbers should be set in ascending order. ie., 3,7,12,34,89,98.

As these are having Even set of numbers, the Mean of both middle numbers is the Median

The Set of Numbers, i.e., n=6

The two middle numbers items will be n/2 and (n+2)/2

⇒ n/2=6/2 ⇒ n/2=3

⇒ (n+2)/2=(6+2)/2 ⇒ n+2/2=4

The two middle number items 3 and 4 contain the numbers 12 and 34

Now these numbers should be calculated to know the mean of those numbers

The Mean of the numbers 12 and 34 is (n/2+(n+2)/2)/2

= (12+34)/2 = 23.

Therefore, the Median of the numbers is 23.