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Circumference Calculator

Make use of this Circumference Calculator and learn the correlation between radius, diameter, and area of circles or circular objects. The formulae and various other aspects of calculating the circumference will be highlighted in the Steps to Calculate Using the Circumference Calculator. It is easy to use and has a very simple user-interface; individuals simply have to input the values they have to get the circumference of a circle.

Circumference Calculator: A circumference calculator is a tool specifically designed to measure the circumference of any circular object. In the field of mathematics, equations rule the possibility of whether or not a particular concept will be capable of any real-life applicability.

It is this emphasis on the utilization of formulas which gives importance to online calculators such as this one. Learn to use this easy-to-use application for finding Circumference instead of spending time memorizing formulas and wasting paper doing lengthy calculations which have a higher chance of failing than an online calculator.

Steps to Calculate Circumference

To understand circumference and its every-day use one must first understand the values which together equal to the circumference of the circle. The components which make up the circumference of a circle is the radius (multiplied with two to signify a diameter) and the value of Pie.

Therefore, keeping this mind, follow the next steps to find out how to solve circumference-based questions easily.

  • First either find the radius of the circle or the diameter. The value of the radius will replace the variable โ€œRโ€ in the formula given below.
  • If you find the diameter then just think of the value as C=๐žนDthe value โ€œDโ€ replaces the place of โ€œ2โ€ and โ€œRโ€ because the diameter of the circle is equivalent to twice the value of the radius.
  • Get the circumference formula
  • Substitute the values found by you in place of their respective variables in the formula.
  • Perform the mathematical calculation according to the requisite formula to find out what the circumference is.

Circumference Formula

Circumference is defined as the enclosing boundary, or the edges, of curved shapes such as circles. The formula which represents what circumference is and its relationship to radius is defined in the following:

C = 2๐žนR

Before employing the use of this formula, always remember that the value of Pie (or โ€œ๐žนโ€) will always be denoted by the approximated value 3.1415

Another formula which the circumference calculator helps individuals with is the area of a circle. It consists of some similar elements to the circumference and is characterized by the formula

A = ๐žนR2

After seeing the formula, one can tell the similarities between Area and Circumference.


Question: Find the value of the circumference of a circle for a radius of 14 cm?


Using the formula of the circumference and inputting the value 14 cm we get the results as follows

C = 2 * ๐žน * R

C = 2 * ๐žน * 14

C = 2 * 3.1415 * 14

C = 87.9646 cm


Question: What is the value of the area if the radius is 12 cm long?


We know the formula for Area of Circle = A = ๐žนR2

Substituting the inpit data in the formula we get the outcome as under

A = 3.1415 * 122

A = 3.1415 * 144

A = 452.376 cm2

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Circumference Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Circumference

1. What is circumference?

The circumference is defined as the enclosing boundary, or the edges, of curved shapes such as circles. It is mainly applied to 2D shapes and does not involve the use of dimensions such as height and width.

2. Does the circumference calculator only calculate circumference?

No, it can act as the circumference to diameter calculator. Additionally, it can be used to convert values of circumference to the radius or vice-versa, circumference to the area, radius to diameter, diameter to circumference, diameter to area, area to radius, etc. aspects of the circumference which are related to other concepts such as area can be calculated using this calculator.

3. How to use a circumference calculator?

Input the values which are given as variables on the online calculator and press the calculate button to process the calculation. In a matter of milliseconds, the calculation will be presented to you.

4. What is the formula for circumference?

The formula of the circumference is characterized by the equation C = 2๐žนR

5. What is the diameter?

A diameter is technically twice that of a radius. An easier way to remember is to understand that a radius extends from the middle of the circle to the edge in a straight line, while a diameter (twice that of a radius) extends from the edge of the circle to the other while passing through the epicentre of the circle.