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Diameter Calculator

By taking the help of Diameter Calculator, you can easily find the diameter of a circle instantly. All you have to do is enter the circle circumference in the below input section and hit on the calculate button to generate the output as diameter of circle in fraction of seconds.

Diameter Calculator: Calculating the diameter of circle is a simple task but if you want the accurate result fastly then go with this amazing free Diameter Calculator tool. From the below segments of this page, you can learn the steps to get the diameter of a circle using its circumference along with the solved examples.

How to find the Diameter of Circle?

Diameter means the longest line between one side of circle to other side that passes through its centre. Here, we are giving the manual lengthy procedure to get the diameter easily. Follow these steps and calculate the circle diameter.

  • Take the circumference of circle.
  • We all know that, the constant pi value is 3.14.
  • Diameter is expressed as the ratio of circle circumference and pi.
  • Perform the division of circumference and π to get the output.


Question: Find the diameter of a circle having circumference 12 cm?


Given that,

Circumference = 12 cm

Diameter of a circle = Circumference / π

= 12 / 3.14

= 3.821 cm

Diameter is 3.821 cm

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Diameter Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Diameter Calculator

1. How do you calculate diameter of a circle?

It is easy to find the diameter if you know any of the dimensions such as radius, circumference, and area. The formulae to calculate the diameter are Diameter = 2 * Radius = Circumference / π = 2√Area/π. The other way to calculate the diameter is to draw a horizontal line inside the circle from one edge to other, name those points as A, B. Draw two overlapping circles using A, B as centre, and draw a vertical line through two points at which the outer circle intersect. Finally, measure the diameter.

2. What does the diameter mean?

Diameter is a word which is frequently used in geometry. It is defined as the straight line drawn between any two edges that passes through the circle centre. It is represented as D or double the radius.

3. How do you get diameter from circumference?

The formula to compute the diameter using circumference is D = C/π. Just, substitute the values in this formula and perform the math operations to get the result.

4. What is the diameter if the radius is 6 cm?

Radius = 6 cm

D = 2R

= 2x6 = 12 cm

Diameter is 12 cm.