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Volume Of Cuboid Calculator

Volume Of Cuboid Calculator is a handy free tool that computes the volume of a cuboid easily and quickly by taking the length, width and height of that cuboid. Just enter cuboid length (l), height (h), and width (w) in the respective input fields of the calculator and press on the calculate button next to the input to know the cuboid volume in the blink of eye.

Volume Of Cuboid Calculator: Feeling that solving the geometry questions is kind of hard. Not anymore with our free online and easy calculator tools. Check this calculator when you want to know the volume of a cuboid. Along with the instant results, we also provide a detailed step by step process to evaluate the volume of a cuboid, formula, etc. Want to learn more about it then go ahead and explore it!

How to Calculate Volume of Cuboid?

Below provided are the simple steps to compute the volume of a cuboid. Follow these guidelines and get the result for your numbers using the method in less amount of time. The steps are as follows

  • Let us take the length, width, and height of any cuboid.
  • The formula to calculate the volume of a cuboid= Length*Width*Height of cuboid
  • Do all mathematical calculations to get the answer.


Question: What is the volume of a cuboid of length 20 cms, breadth 15 cms and height 10 cms?


Given data is

Length of cuboid=20 cms

Breadth of cuboid=15 cms

Height of cuboid=10 cms

Volume of Cuboid= Length*Breadth*Height of cuboid

Volume of Given Cuboid=20*15*10

=3000 cm3

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Volume of Cuboid Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Volume Of Cuboid Calculator

1. Describe cuboid with an example?

Cuboid is a solid shaped figure which has six regular faces perpendicular to each other. It is in three dimensional shape with length, breadth and height as parameters. The best example of a cuboid is a lunch box.

2. What is the formula to find volume of a cuboid?

Formula to know the volume of a cuboid=Length*Breadth*Height.

3. How do you describe the volume of a cuboid?

Volume of a cuboid is nothing but the quantity of three dimensional space enclosed by the closed surface. You can also say that the product of length, breadth and height of cuboid is its volume.

4. Length, breadth and height of a room are 6 m 5 m and 3 m respectively. Find the volume of the room?

We all know that, volume of cuboid is Length*Breadth*Height. By substituting the above values, Room volume becomes 6*5*3=90 m3.