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Finding the Additive Inverse

Make use of our simple and easy to use Additive Inverse Calculator and provide the input ie., the additive inverse of n number and get the output in less time by clicking on the calculate button provided right next to the input field.


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Additive Inverse Calculator:Are you wondering how to find the additive inverse property for the given number immediately? Then, use our free online tool ie., Additive Inverse Calculator, and make your calculations easy and quick. This calculator lets you practice calculations at a faster pace or else it helps you to check whether the result of yours is correct or not.

What does Additive Inverse Mean?

In mathematics, the additive inverse of a number 'a' is the number that, when added to 'a', yields zero. This number is also known as the opposite sign change and negation.

For example, the additive inverse of 9 is -9 as 9 + (-9) = 0. Also, it is likely to find the additive inverse of negative numbers. For instance, the additive inverse of -5 will be 5 as -5 + 5 = 0.

Formula to Find Additive Inverse Property

As per the definition of additive inverse property, the additive inverse of number A states as A + (-A) = 0. If we take X as a number and Y as an additive inverse number then add both and the result should be zero. ie., X+Y=0. Then, Y = -X

So, the additive inverse of the number is -X.

Also, we can define the additive inverse is the opposite of a number.

Easiest Method To Find Additive Inverse

One of the best and easiest method to calculate the additive inverse property for a number is adding the opposite sign number to the actual number where it results as zero.

Else, use the above-given formula for additive inverse and calculate the additive inverse for n number is

A + (-A) = 0

n + (-n) = 0

So, -n is the additive inverse of given number 'n'.

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Additive Inverse Calculator

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FAQs on Additive Inverse Calculator

1. What is the Additive Inverse?

The additive inverse of a number is defined as a number that we add with the actual number and it results in Zero.

2. What is the formula of additive inverse?

The formula for the additive inverse of a number A is A+(-A) = 0. Here, -A is the additive inverse of a number.

3. What is the additive inverse of 356?

The additive inverse of 356 is (-1) × 356 = -356

4. Can I also find the additive inverse for negative numbers?

Yes, the addictive inverse for negative numbers is a positive number. For example, the additive inverse of -9 is 9 as -9+9 = 0.