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Multiplicative Inverse Calculator

Make use of this Multiplicative Inverse Calculator and get the final result in less time by just providing the input number in the below input box and get the output ie, multiplicative inverse number along with a solution once you tap on the calculate button.


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Multiplicative Inverse Calculator:Do you want a smart tool that finds out the multiplicative inverse for a real number or fractions in just a few seconds? Then, you have come to the right place and our calculator is the best tool that you're looking for. The main aim to introduce this reciprocal calculator tool is to calculate the multiplicative inverse for huge numbers in no time and make the calculations efficiently. Check out the definition, formula, and how to find it easy and quick from this article.

What is Multiplicative Inverse?

Simply Multiplicative Inverse is "Reciprocal". In short, A reciprocal is a pair of numbers that when multiplied with another number equals the number 1. In other words, when an integer is multiplied by its multiplicative inverse then the result should equal 1.

For example, if we take the number 3, then the multiplicative inverse/reciprocal of that number would be 1/3 because when you do a product for both 7 and 1/7 together, you get 1 as a result which is nothing but multiplicative inverse.

Standard Formula for Reciprocal or Multiplicative Inverse

The following representations are the standard form to indicate a multiplicative inverse.

  • If 'a' is a number, then the multiplicative inverse or reciprocal of a number is '1/a' as ax1/a = 1.
  • If a number is given in the fractional form like 'a/b', then the multiplicative inverse is 'b/a' as a/b x b/a = 1.

Method to Find the Multiplicative Inverse

It is the simple math calculation that one can perform without any support from the calculators. The multiplicative inverse of a number is nothing but reciprocal of the number. For example, x is a number then 1/x is the multiplicative inverse.

All you need to do is just multiply the given number with a multiplicative inverse number and that should equal to 1. So, if we did x * 1/x then x will be canceled and the output is equal to 1.

If you want to find the multiplicative inverse for fractions then reverse the given fraction and multiply them to get the result as 1. Then, the reciprocal of the fraction is a reverse fraction. For example, 2/3 is a fraction then the multiplicative inverse is 3/2. has different math concepts calculators at one page, just take the help from the required calculator to attain the results accurately at a faster pace & also understand the solution by provided steps.

Multiplicative Inverse Calculator

Multiplicative Inverse Example Calculations

FAQs on Multiplicative Inverse Calculator

1. What does multiplicative inverse mean?

The multiplicative inverse means the reciprocal. If n is a number, then its multiplicative inverse is 1/n.

2. How do you find Multiplicative Inverse?

If you need to find the multiplicative inverse of a whole number, then dived 1 by the number to get the reciprocal of a whole number. For example, 6 is the number then 1/6 is the multiplicative inverse or reciprocal.

3. What is the multiplicative inverse of 4/5?

The multiplicative inverse of 4/5 is 5/4 as the reciprocal of n is 1/n, when both are multiplied then it should equal to 1.

4. What is the reciprocal of 0?>

The multiplicative inverse/reciprocal of 0 is infinity. The number 0 does not have reciprocal because the product of any number and zero is equal to zero.