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Long Subtraction Calculator

Long Subtraction Calculator is a handy & instant tool that calculates the difference between two numbers within less time. Use the below-given input field and enter your input numbers & tap on the calculate button to get the subtraction between two numbers.




Here are some samples of Long Subtraction calculations.

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Long Subtraction Calculator: Are you searching for the tool that makes your subtracting calculations easy and simple to understand? then you have come to the right place. Our Long Subtraction Calculator shows you a step-by-step process on how to subtract one number from another using the long subtraction method. This tool is the best for finding long numbers subtraction and also you will understand the process with the help of our illustrated examples.

You can use our long difference calculator for anyone of your tough & easy calculations to get the output within a fraction of seconds. For getting more familiar with the concept and process for the subtraction of two numbers using the long subtraction method, you have given the step by step guide in this article so keep on reading till to an end and learn each and every point carefully.

What is meant by Long Subtraction?

In mathematics, the operation or method of finding the difference between two numbers or amounts, denoted by a minus sign (−) is called Subtraction or Difference. Long subtraction means writing the numbers to be subtracted one under another, so the digits are in columns.

Use borrow method to find the difference from the small number to a big number or else directly subtract from one number to another number at a time. Get the complete details about the Long subtraction method by reading the entire page and practice the examples manually.

Procedure for Subtraction of Two Numbers using Long Subtraction Method

You can perform long subtraction by taking the help of regrouping and borrowing techniques if the minuend is smaller than the subtrahend. Here, you will be knowing how to simplify the long subtraction between two whole numbers or decimals by referring to the below-given steps. Long subtraction allows you to find the difference between two numbers whether positive or negative. Subtraction means finding the addition of two negative numbers. So, follow the below simple steps and subtract the given numbers with long subtraction method.

  1. First, stack your numbers with the larger number on the top column and the smaller number at the bottom.
  2. Line up the numbers like ones, tens, hundreds, etc places to align in columns.
  3. In case your given inputs are decimals then you put zeros in required places and align them in columns as we said in the above step.
  4. Now, start working from right to left, subtract the subtrahend from the minuend.
  5. Place the answer at the bottom of each column.
  6. In case, your subtrahend is larger than the minuend then you must regroup and borrow the value from the number from the left column.
  7. Now, strike the number and write the value of that number minus one in its place.
  8. Cross out the top number from your original column and write the 10 value in its place ( means you are regrouping & borrowing from the next higher place value into the lower place value).
  9. Continue with deducting the bottom number from the new larger top number and write down the answer at the bottom of the column.
  10. If you face a '0' while regrouping, just proceed to the left until you find a non-zero number. Regroup (borrow) 10 from each column till you're back at the column that you're currently working on.
  11. Keep on doing the long subtraction until you have performed subtraction on all columns and get the final result. That's it!

Now, we have seen the whole stepwise procedure to find the long subtraction between two numbers. Use this process and do it manually. For getting clarity on the process we have given an illustrated example by taking two numbers to calculate long subtraction.


How to calculate 768 minus 599 using a long subtraction method?


Step by Steps process to calculate subtraction between the given two numbers with long subtraction method:

Given values are 768 and 599,

Now, Write down the values in the column and Work each column from right to left.

Now, take the one's place values to subtract. Here, 9 is greater than 8 so you must regroup it. So, Take 1 from 6, therefore 6 becomes 5. Next, add 10 to 8, then 8 becomes 18.

18 minus 9 is 9

Again 9 is greater than 5, so you need to regroup it by taking 1 borrow from 7 and it become 6. Add 10 to 5, so 5 becomes 15.

15 minus 9 is 6

6 minus 5 is 1

Answer = 169.

Therefore, the final result of subtraction between given two numbers ie., 768 and 599 using the long subtraction method is 169.

Guidelines to Follow while using Long Subtraction Calculator

Struggling to use our Long subtraction calculator? Then, you can stop it right away because here are the steps that you should follow while using the Long Difference Calculator provided over here. Watch out the below-listed instructions properly and make use of the subtracting calculator to find the difference between two long numbers (even decimals). The steps are as follows:

  • At first, provide the two input numbers separated with minus '-' sign in the input field available in the calculator.
  • Then, Tap on the Arrow button next to the input field or click the Enter button on your keyboard to get the output.
  • If you find any error input field text under the input box then recheck your numbers and enter them again.
  • Finally, you will get the difference between the given numbers or decimals on the screen within less time.

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Long Subtraction Calculator

Long Subtraction Example Calculations

FAQs on Long Subtraction (difference) Calculator

1. How do you do long subtraction manually?

First, take the given numbers and check whether the top number is larger or smaller. If smaller then Subtract 1 from the top number in the column directly to the left. Strike the number you're borrowing from, subtract 1, and write the answer above the number you crossed out.

Next, add 10 to the top number in the column you were working in. Then subtract the number from the bottom number and note down the answer. Continue the process until you finish the subtraction process for all columns.

2. When to use borrow and regrouping techniques in long subtraction?

Regroup and borrow methods are used in subtraction when the top number is smaller than the bottom one.

3. How to subtract two numbers using the long subtraction method?

You can find subtraction of two numbers easily by using the Long subtraction calculator on our page.

4. Where can I see worked examples on the long subtraction method?

You can discover Subtraction of numbers using long subtraction method Worked Examples illustrated step by step from this page.