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Adding Percentage Calculator

Take the help of this easy to use Adding Percentage Calculator tool to get the sum of two percentage numbers with in no time. All you have to do is enter percentages in the input fields and hit on the calculate button to acquire addition of those numbers in fraction of seconds.

Adding Percentage Calculator
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Adding Percentage Calculator: Do you feel that adding two percentages is a little bit confusing and time consuming process? Not now with this online tool. This calculator takes the input numbers and perform arithmetic addition operation on those numbers and gives you the result in a short span of time. Not only instant output, it will also give the exact and correct output. People who want to learn the concept can read further to obtain the simple steps to solve the adding percentages and solved examples.

Procedure to Get Sum of Percentages

Below provided step by step procedure is useful for you while solving the addition of percentages. Use these easy steps and get the result comfortably.

  • Take two percentage numbers.
  • If the numbers have more than one digit, write the numbers one after other in different lines.
  • Start addition operation from the right most digits.
  • Use long addition method to calculate the sum.
  • Add percentage symbol to the sum.


Question: Solve 56% + 87%?


56% + 87% = ?

Carry:         1

Number 1:   5 6

Number 2: + 8 7

Sum:          1 4 3

56% + 87% = 143 %

Adding Percentage Calculator

FAQs on Adding Percentage Calculator

1. How do you add percentages on a calculator?

The easy procedure to add percentages is enter your percentage numbers in the input fields of our calculator. Press on the calculate button to find the sum of numbers in the output field.

2. What is meant by percentage?

Percentage is nothing but a number which is represented as the ratio and expressed as the fraction of 100. After the number, it has % symbol. The formula to calculate percentage is of a number is follows

Number % = (Number / Total Value) x 100.

3. Where can I get the best tool to find the sum of percentage numbers easily?

You can find the best Percentage Addition Calculator tool on our site which is free to use and easy to understand while performing the calculations.

4. What is 34% + 68%?

carry:       1

number 1: 3 4

number 2: +6 8

sum:       = 1 0 2

34% + 68% = 102%