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Multiplying Square Roots Calculator

Make use of our free and simple Multiplying Square Roots Calculator to check the multiplication of any two square root numbers instantly. Provide square root numbers in the input section and tap on the calculate button to find the product with the detailed explanation.

Multiplying Square Roots Calculator: Are you wondering how to find the product of square root numbers? Then take the help of this handy online calculator tool that gives the exact output instantaneously. Along with the calculation, you will also get the simple and easy steps to compute the multiplication of square root numbers by hand in the below sections. For the better understanding, we are even giving the solved examples on this page.

How to Find Product of Two Square Root Numbers?

The best and easiest way to calculate the multiplication of two square root numbers are given below. Have a look at them and follow to get the accurate output immediately.

  • Let us take two square root numbers to compute its product.
  • Ignore the square root and take one as multiplicand and other as multiplier.
  • Multiply both numbers using long multiplication process.
  • And apply square root to the obtained product.
  • Check that if there a possibility to eliminate product square root do that.
  • Also, write the decimal part of the product of numbers.


Question: Solve √35 x √10?


Given numbers are √35, √10

√35 x √10 = √350 =√7 x 5 x 5 x 2

= 5√14

√35 x √10 = 5√14 = 18.7

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Multiplying Square Roots Calculator

FAQs on Multiplying Square Roots Calculator

1. How can you multiply square root numbers on a calculator?

Provide two square root numbers in the input fields and click on the calculate button to get the final result as the multiplication of two square roots.

2. What is Meant by Multiplying Square Roots?

An arithmetical operation which is the product of square root numbers is called Mutliplying Square Roots. If a and b are the square numbers, and the product of the square root of these two positive numbers should be equal to the square root of ab. If both numbers are same, the product of these square roots will be that number only.

3. Find √8 x √5?

√8 x √5 = √8 x 5

= √40 = √ 4 x 10 = 2√10