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Unit Rate Calculator

Use the Unit Rate Calculator an online tool to quickly get the unit rate of quantities. You just need to enter the input and tap on the calculate button to avail the results in a matter of seconds.

Unit Rate Calculator

Unit Rate Calculator: Give your comparisons a sense in the real world by learning about a special type of ratio called Unit Rate. Make your Calculations Simple and Interesting taking the help of the online tool for Unit Rate over here. The handy calculator tool provides the unit rate of the given number you entered in a split second. Get to know the Procedure on how to find the Unit Rate provided in detail in the coming modules.

How to Calculate Unit Rate?

Unit Rate or Rate is a measure of the quantity of one thing compared to the amount of a different thing. In simple words, it is the ratio comparing quantities of two different items. Now that you know about the Unit Rate definition next question is how to calculate it. Get along to know the steps on how to find Unit Rate easily.

  • A Unit Rate is a Rate with 1 in the denominator./li>
  • If you have a rate or price for a certain number of items whose denominator isn't 1 simply divide the numerator with denominator.

Generic Formula to Find the Unit Rate is rate = quantity 1/quantity 2


Question: Find the rate of speed when you have traveled 100 miles in 4 hours?


Rate = 100 miles/4 hours

= 25 miles/1 hour

Therefore Unit Rate is 25 miles/hour(mph). contains several math calculators all at one place. Have a look at all the calculators and use them to get the accurate results at faster pace.

Unit Rate Calculator

FAQs on Unit Rate

1. What is meant by Unit Rate?

Unit Rate is a  ratio comparing quantities of different items.

2. What are Examples of Unit Rate?

You can see the unit rate examples in your day to day life. Examples of Unit Rate are kilometer per hour (km/hour), cost per liter, profit per item, etc.

3. How do you find the Unit Rate?

You can find the Unit Rate by simply dividing the numerator with the denominator.

4. How to Calculate Unit Rate using a Calculator?

You can find the Unit Rate by simply giving the inputs and hitting on the calculate button using our calculator.