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Ratio Calculator Online

Our handy free Ratio Calculator Online tool displays the ratio of your numbers or finds the fourth number when the ratio of first two numbers, last two numbers ratio are equal. You just need to provide the values in the specified input boxes and hit on the calculate button to get the result fastly and easily.

Ratio Calculator Online
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Ratio Calculator Online: If you are struggling to find the ratio of numbers? No need to worry, you can take the help of our easy to use Online Ratio Calculator. Continue reading to know more about finding the fourth ratio number at the given conditions instantly and guidelines to use this tool.

Calculator is a free tool that displays the ratio of given numbers in fraction of seconds. Its advantages are that it makes calculations faster and provides the output as early as possible. To learn the ratio concept go through the following sections.

How to Find Ratio of Numbers?

The step by step procedure to calculate the ratio of two or more numbers is given below. Follow these guidelines and solve your ratio easily.

  • Take any 2 or 3 or 4 or more numbers.
  • Check what is the common multiple for all the numbers.
  • Divide numbers by that common multiple.
  • Recheck for the common multiple of newly obtained numbers, repeat the process till you left nothing multiples.
  • Now, insert ratio symbol “:” between the obtained numbers to form the ratio.

Process to find Fourth number in ratio when three numbers are Available, Proportions are Equal

Ratio is nothing but the relative size of two or more objects. It can be expressed in many ways. Here, we are offering you the simple process to evaluate the fourth number in the ratio when three numbers are given and their proportions are equal.

  • Take four numbers as a, b, c, d.
  • Let us take a, b, c values are given and want to compute d value.
  • Then the equation will be a: b = c: d.
  • d= b*c/a
  • Substitute the values in the above formula to get the d value.


Question1: What is the ratio of 240, 180, 120, 540?


Given that

240: 180: 120: 540

The first common multiple is 10.

So, divide all the values by 10

240/10: 180/10: 120/10: 540/10


Divide all values by 6

=24/6: 18/6: 12/6: 54/6


240: 180: 120: 540 = 4: 3: 2: 9

Question2: Solve the given ratio and find x value 4:3=8:x?


Given that

4:3 = 8:x

The formula to find x value is


In the given data a=4, b=3, c=8

Replace the above values in the formula

x= 3*8/4


x= 6 is an ultimate website with all free mathematical concepts calculators for assisting the students and every single person out there in maths basic and advanced concepts.

Ratio Calculator Online

Frequently Asked Questions on Ratio Calculator Online

1. How do you convert a percentage to a ratio?

Divide the x/100.

Perform the division operation to get the fraction.

Write the fraction in the form of ratio.

2. How do I calculate a ratio between two numbers?

To find an equal ratio, you can either multiply or divide each term in the ratio by the same number. For example, if we divide ratio 3:6 by the first term 3, then we get the ratio 1:2.

3. 3 out of 5 is how many out of 40?

We can write the given question as 3:5 = x:40.

x=d*a/b = 40*3/5 = 24

4. How do you simplify a ratio?

Convert the fractions so they have a common denominator.

Multiply both fractions by the common denominator.

Simplify by dividing by the highest common factor.