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Mod Calculator

Utilize the free Mod Calculator tool to compute the modulo of two numbers you enter in a short span of time. Simply give the input numbers and tap on the calculate button to avail result in no time.

Mod Calculator

Mod Calculator: Have you ever had two really big numbers to perform modulo operation and looking for an online calculator tool that gives output simply? This Mod Calculator performs the modulo of your numbers easily. In further modules, we will discuss on how this handy calculator tool works and the steps to evaluate the mod of two numbers. In order to familiarize you with this topic, we even provided the example problems.

How to Perform Modulo of Two Numbers?

Modulo is represented as "%". Modulo is defined as the remainder value when two numbers are divided. Modulo is also called modulus and mathematical representation of a, b are given as a mod b. Get the simple steps to solve modulo of two numbers in the following sections.

  • Start calculating by taking the first number as dividend.
  • Take another number called divisor.
  • Divide dividend by divisor, rounding down.
  • Multiply the divisor by obtained quotient.
  • Substract the result from your dividend.
  • The number you got at the above step is the result of modulo operation.


Question: How to calculate 100 mod 33?


Given numbers are

Dividend= 100

Divisor= 33

Perform 100 divided by 33

100/33 = 3

We will get quotient as 3

Multiply the divisor by obtained quotient

=33*3 = 99

Substract the result from divided

=100-99 = 1

100%33 is 1.

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Mod Calculator

FAQs on Mod Calculator

1. What is the function of mod?

Mod function is useful to find the remainder of two numbers (dividend and divisor).

2. What is modular arithmetics?

Modular arithmetics is an arithmetic system for integers. We will learn how various arithmetical operators work with modulus in the below sections.

1. Modular Addition and Subtraction:

(A+B) mod C = (A mod C + B mod C) mod C

(A-B) mod C = ( A mod C - B mod C ) mod C

2. Modilar Multiplication:

(A* B) mod C = (A mod C * B mod C) mod C

3. Modular Exponentiation

AB mod C = ((A mod C)B) mod C

3. Solvec 16 mod 3?

Divide 16 by 3

Divide 16 by 3

16/3 = 5

5*3 = 15

16-15 = 1

16 mod 3 is 1.

4. How do you solve modulo?

Let us consider two numbers as a and b when you divide a/b = n multiply b*a to get the c. Subtract b from c to find the result r. a mod b = r.