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Basis Point Calculator

Basis Point Calculator: If you ever need any assistance with Basis Point you can make use of the tool Basis Point Calculator over here. This handy tool makes it easy for you to calculate the Basis Point given the inputs and tapped on calculate button.

Basis Point Calculator
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Here, we have provided the complete details regarding conversion of percent, decimal value, permile to basis points. To make your calculations faster, use the handy tool and overcome the hassle of lengthy calculations.

How do we Calculate Basis Point?

Basis Point is a measurement unit used in finance. The process to calculate the basis points is given here:

  • Take whether a decimal value or percentage or permille which you want to convert to basis point
  • Get the formula provided below to convert any value to the basis point
  • Multiply your number with the formula to get the basis point value

Basis point

Basis point is defined as the measurement unit for interest rates and percentages. the relationship between basis point, percentage, permille, and permyriad is along the lines:

1 percent %=1/100

p permille= 1/1000

1 permyriad= 1/10000

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Question: How do you say that the Reserve Bank of India has decreased benchmark interest rate from 1.5 to 1.05?


To express percentage in basis points, calculate the difference of numbers and multiply it with 100



You can say that the interest rate is decreased by 45.

Basis Point Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Basis Point

1. How much is 20 basis points?

YAs we already know that one basis point is equal to 0.01% or .0001 in decimal form. Likewise, 20 decimal points can be expressed as 0.20% or 0.0020 in the decimal form.

2. What is the use of basis points?

Basis points are used to remove any uncertainty when talking about percentage change.

3. What is 25 basis points in percentage form?

For the value of 1, 25 basis points is 0.25. The value of 25 basis points in percentage form will purely depend on the value you are talking about.

4. Can basis points be negative?

Basis points can be negative. Because, the basis points represent the change from one value to another.