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Ratio Calculator

If you want to know the ratio of something compared to the total value you can always look up to Ratio Calculator over here. Just enter the inputs in the input provision and tap on the calculate button to get the result immediately.



Here are some samples of Ratio Simplifier calculations.

Ratio Calculator:Have you ever ate some slices of a pie and want to find out the ratio of slices ate to the entire pie? Not need to worry anymore as our handy Ratio Calculator saves you from all the struggle of figuring what portion is left and what is ate. The tool simplifies the ratios and even determines whether the given set of ratios are equivalent or not in split second. In the later sections, you will find the process of finding the ratio step by step.

How to find Ratio?

The Procedure to find the ratio is to set up a proportion, which has two ratios equal to each other. Solve for the missing part and the detailed procedure is as follows

  • Write down both the ratios in terms of fractions, label the missing part as x.
  • Set the fractions equal to each other and form a proportion.
  • Use the process of cross multiplication to isolate the variable.
  • Solve for the variable.

Ratios can be reduced into the simpler form by dividing the numbers on each side of the ratio by its greatest common factor and it's the same to simplify fractions.

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Question: Find the missing terms of Ratios 35:20 and 7:x?


Given 35:20=7:x

Set the fractions equal to each other and form a proportion

Thus, 35/20=7/x

On doing cross multiplication and isolating the variable x we get the equation as under

x= 7 × (20/35)

Simplifying it further by doing basic maths operations we get the value of x



Question: Simplify the ratio 28:35?


Given ratio is 28:35

We can simplify the ratio by dividing both the numbers with their GCF

In this case GCF of 28, 35 is 7 the highest number that divides both of them exactly.

Dividing both the numbers we get

28 ÷ 7 = 4

35 ÷ 7 = 5

Therefore, 28:35 = 4:5 after simplification.

Ratio Calculator

FAQs on Ratio Calculator

1. What type of operations does the Ratio Calculator support?

The Ratio Calculator over here supports simplifying ratios, finding missing value given the ratios, compares ratios, and gives whether they are equivalent or not.

2. How to use the Ratio Calculator?

Simply enter the input ratios in the input fields of the tool and hit the Calculate Button to avail results immediately.

3. What is meant by Simplifying Ratios?

Larger numbers can be written in smaller numbers by simplifying ratios. The method is called simplifying ratios or writing the numbers in its simplest form.

4. What is meant by Equivalent Ratios?

Equivalent ratios are two ratios that express the same relationship between numbers.