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Sum Calculator

Sum Calculator is a free tool that displays the sum of two numbers. The Addition tool makes it easy for you to calculate the summation once you enter the inputs and tap on the Calculate Button.



Here are some samples of Long Addition calculations.

Sum Calculator: Have you ever had two really big numbers to add and looking for an online tool? This Sum Calculator will perform the Addition for you and you can add the numbers together easily. In the further modules, we will tell you how the free tool for summation works and the step by step process for Addition. In order to familiarize you with the concept, we even mentioned enough examples.

How to do Summation or Addition of Numbers?

The addition of numbers may sound trivial for you. Thinking of the definition of addition you might feel that you add one number to the other and get a result. But, it's not so that simple if the numbers are really huge. Check out the process to do summation or addition of two or more numbers below. The numbers which we add are called Addends and the result is the Sum.

  • Begin with the rightmost digit in each number.
  • Add the rightmost digits of each number as if they are single-digit numbers.
  • If the sum of the digits is between 0 to 9 that itself is the answer for the rightmost digit.
  • If the sum is more than 10 the rightmost digit of the sum is the answer for the rightmost digit.
  • Move one digit to the left in each of the numbers you have been adding.
  • Continue the Process with these digits if the sum is more than 10 write down the number obtained on the leftmost above or beneath the numbers so that you don't forget and add them in the next round.
  • Do the same and remember to add carry as and when required.

That's all about finding the sum or addition of given numbers by hand. To make you familiar with the concept even better check out the example listed by us.


Question: What is the sum of 12 and 44?


As we all know addend+addend = Sum

In the given case Addends are 12 and 44 for which we need to find the sum

= 12+44

Add the rightmost digits i.e. 2 and 4 and we get the result as 6. As the result didn't exceed 10, 6 itself is the rightmost digit of our sum. Moving left we now need to add 1 and 4 which is 5 and it is written as it is on the left adhering to the logic it even didn't cross the limit 10.

Therefore, the Sum of 12 and 44 is 56.

Sum Calculator

FAQs on Sum Calculator

1. What is meant by Addend and Sum?

The result of the addition process is called Sum and the numbers we add together are called Addends.

2. What is the basic formula or rule to find Sum?

Addend+ Addend = Sum is the basic formula to find the Addition or Summation.

3. How to use Sum Calculator?

Enter the input numbers in the input section of the handy tool and click on the Calculate Button to avail the results in no time.

4. Where do I find the detailed procedure to find the Summation of Numbers?

You can get a detailed procedure to find the Summation of Numbers in detail at