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NEET Percentile Calculator

Are you searching for a calculator to check your NEET percentile? Then you are at the correct place. You need to provide either NEET score or NEET rank in the input section of our NEET Percentile Calculator and click on the calculate button to get your NEET percentile.

NEET Percentile Calculator
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NEET Percentile Calculator: Use this simple calculator tool to know your NEET Percentile quickly. Free online calculator tool generates the output within fraction of seconds. Along with the handy NEET Percentile Calculator tool, you can also get the formulae and procedure to calculate NEET Percentile using marks and rank manually in the below sections.

Process to Calculate NEET Percentile

NEET is a pen and paper central level medical entrance exam conducted by NTA. Lakhs of students are willing to take this competitive examination to seek admissions to various medical programmes across the medical colleges in India. One who got qualified in NEET exam can check their percentile by using any one of these methods. One is based on marks and the second is based on rank.

  • Know your NEET score or rank
  • Also, collect NEET score of the topper and total number of candidates appeared the exam
  • Substitute your values in the below mentioned formulae to get your NEET Percentile

NEET Percentile Formulae

The formula for the calculation of NEET Percentile when you know score is as follows:

NEET Percentile= Your NEET score*100/ NEET score of the topper

The formula to calculate the NEET percentile when you have rank and number of candidates appeared for the exam is mentioned here:

NEET Percentile = [(Total no. of candidates appeared the exam – NEET Rank) /Total no. of candidates appeared the exam] * 100


Question1: If Ramu secured 90 NEET rank and a total of 7 lakh people appeared for the test in that year, then what is the NEET percentile of ramu?


Given that,

NEET Rank=90

Total Number of candidates attended the NEET in that year=7,00,000

NEET percentile formula is

NEET Percentile= [(Total no. of candidates appeared the exam – NEET Rank) /Total no. of candidates appeared the exam] * 100


Ramu NEET Percentile is 99.98

Question2: The NEET score of student A is 600 marks and the topper score in that year is 700 marks. How much is the NEET percentile of student A?


Given Information

NEET marks=600

Topper score=700

The formula is

NEET Percentile= NEET score*100/ NEET score of the topper


Person A NEET Percentile is 85.71

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NEET Percentile Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on NEET Percentile

1. Is 12th marks important for NEET?

To get eligible for the NEET exam, candidates must have passed 12th class with Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English subjects.

2. What does the 40th percentile mean?

40th percentile means your score is 280 and 60% of the candidates have scored better than you.

3. How is NEET percentile calculated?

It is easy to calculate the NEET percentile if you know the NEET score and NEET score of the topper at that particular year. Substitute your values in this formula NEET Percentile= NEET score*100/ NEET score of the topper to get the percentile.

4. What is the good NEET Percentile?

According to me, the topper percentile is the good percentile. Based on that year NEET cutoff marks, students who got more than cutoff will qualify in the examination.