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Standard Form Calculator

Online Standard Form Calculator tool helps you to convert the given number to standard form. So, use this free handy tool and get the faster results by giving number in the input field and hitting on the calculate button.

Standard Form Calculator
Standard form of

Standard Form Calculator: This free calculator displays your number in the standard form in fraction of seconds easily. One who is looking for the best tool that represents the standard form of number can utilise our Standard Form Calculator. People can learn the manual procedure to convert any number to the standard form effortlessly. Go through the below sections and get a clear idea on standard form conversion by checking the example.

Process to Convert to Standard Form

Actually, the standard form of a number concept is introduced to avoid the difficulty of reading large or small numbers. Checkout the following sections to get the simple step by step process of converting a number to standard form.

  • Let us take any number
  • The standard form conversion formula is a = b * 10n
  • Where, a is given number want to convert to standard form.
  • b is value in between 1 and 10 (including 1 and excluding 10).
  • n is some integer.
  • To convert number into standard form, find out b and n values
  • b is the first digit of your number point remaining digits in the number
  • n will be the number of digits in the given decimal part of number - 1
  • Now, represent the whole number
  • The primary condition in this conversion is after computing the standard form number, you must get the original number.


Question: How do you write 200000 in standard form?


Given number is 200000

The standard form formula is a = b * 10n

b is 2

n = 6-1 = 5

By replacing the values in above equation

200000 = 2.0*105 is a trustworthy site that has been designed for all kinds of people by providing a wide range of Mathematical Calculators to determine multiple problems easily.

Standard Form Calculator

FAQs on Standard Form Calculator

1. What is a standard form in math?

Standard form is a way of writing very large or very small numbers easily.

2. What are the examples of standard form?

450 can be written in standard form as 4.5*102. Another example is 0.2589 is written in standard form as 2.589*10-1

3. Why do we use standard form?

Scientists use standard form when working with the speed of light and distance between galaxies, which can be enormous. The size of an atom or bacteria is also expressed in standard form as they are so tiny.

4. What is the Standard form of 57.36?

57.36 has 57 as the decimal part.

The standard form formula is a = b * 10n