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Absolute Difference Calculator

Make your calculations faster taking the help of the online Absolute Difference Calculator over here. The tool is quite user-friendly and simply provide the two real numbers as inputs and get the difference of them easily.

Absolute Difference Calculator
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Absolute Difference Calculator: If you are looking for the necessary information to find the absolute value this is the place for you. To help you understand what is absolute value and how to find it we have jotted the detailed procedure. Go ahead and learn the concept better by referring to the solved examples.

What is meant by Absolute Value?

Absolute Value may have different meanings based on the context. However, when it comes to the Mathematical World Absolute Value defines how far the number is from zero in the number line. The Absolute Value of a number is never negative and is denoted by the symbol "|".

How to calculate the Absolute Difference?

Go through the below-listed guidelines to find the Absolute Difference of numbers. The absolute value or modulus |x| of a real number x is the non-negative value of x irrespective of its sign.

  • To calculate the absolute difference calculate the difference between two numbers.
  • No matter what you get the result be it positive or negative the result after applying the modulus operation is positive.

Absolute value is not just limited to numbers and you can apply it for equations and expressions where x would be an unknown value.

Example : Find the Absolute Difference between 3 and -9?


Given Input Numbers are 3 and -9

Absolute Difference = | 3-(-9)|

= |12|

= 12

Therefore, the Absolute Difference of 3 and -9 is 12 on the number line.

Example : Calculate the Absolute Difference of -3 and 5?


Input Numbers are -3 and 5

Absolute Difference = |(-3)-5|

= |-3-5|

= |-8|


The Absolute Difference between -3 and 5 is 8 units on number line.

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Absolute Difference Calcualtor

FAQs on Absolute Difference Calculator

1. What is meant by Absolute Value?

Absolute Value represents how far the number from zero in the number line.

2. How to represent Absolute Difference between numbers?

The absolute difference between numbers is represented as |x-y|.

3. How to use the Absolute Difference Calculator?

Simply enter two real numbers in the input sections and hit the calculate button to avail the Absolute Difference of two numbers in a matter of seconds.

4. Why is the Absolute Value of a number always positive?

Absolute Value is always positive as it is the distance of a number from zero in the number line.