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Solving Square Root Equations Calculator

This free Solving Square Root Equations Calculator tool evaluates the equation and finds the variable value easily. You can use this calculator easily by just giving the square root equation as the input and hit on the calculate button to obtain the result within no time.

Square Root Equations Calculator

Solving Square Root Equations Calculator: Do you want to learn the concept of solving the square root equation? If yes, then stay tuned to this page. In the below sections, you can find the lengthy manual procedure to solve any type of square equation easily. To get the immediate results, make use of the online Solving Square Root Equations Calculator tool. We are also giving an example problem which is helpful for the better understanding of concept.

Step by Step Procedure of Solving Square Root Equations

Finding variable value from a square root equation is not that simple. It contains several mathematical operations. You are advised to follow the simple guidelines provided below while solving the square root equations.

  • Take any square root equation which needs to be evaluated.
  • Apply square function on the both sides of the equation.
  • That eliminates the square root and makes your equation a simple linear equation.
  • Shift constant values to the one side of the equation and variables to one side.
  • If there are more than one variable in the equation, do factorization to know the variable values.
  • In case of one variable, use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division properties.
  • Perform math operations and find the variable value.


Question: Question: Solve √2x+9 = 5?


Given equation is

√2x+9 = 5

Apply square on the both sides

(√2x+9)2 = 52

2x+9= 25

Subtract 9 on the both sides of equation




Now, divide both sides of equation divide by 2



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Square Root Equations Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Solving Square Root Equations Calculator

1. What is meant by Square Root Equation?

Square root equation is an equation which is present inside the root symbol. Usually, the radical equation has an independent variable. It means the radical equation or square root equation is in the form √x=y.

2. How can you solve Square Root Equations using a calculator?

The following steps are helpful for solving the square root equations using calculator:

  • Enter your square root equation in the provided input field
  • Press on the calculate button available next to the input box
  • Get the answer for variable in fraction of seconds easily.

3. Mention some examples of square root equations?

Generally, the square root equation is in the form of √x=y. The examples of square root equations are √(2x−5) = 1 + √(x−1), √x+29 = 52, √x2+2x+2 = 5.

4. Solve√(2x−5) − √(x−1) = 1?

√(2x−5) − √(x−1) = 1

√(2x−5) =1+√(x−1)

Apply the square function on both sides of equation

[√(2x−5)]2 =[1+√(x−1)]2

2x-5 = 1+2√(x−1)+x-1

2x-5 = x+2√(x−1)



Again apply square function on two sides






By solving the above quadratic equation, we get x as 2.53 and 11.47