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Radicals and Roots Calculator

Avail the handy online tool Radicals and Roots Calculator to get the Root of Real Number having the Nth Radical Value. Just provide the Root and Radical Value in the input sections and click on the calculate button to avail the result in the blink of an eye.

Radicals and Roots Calculator
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Radicals and Roots Calculator: Are you worried about how to solve the Radicals and Roots? While working with radical numbers there might be instances where you need to find the nth root. In such cases, the essential tool over here computes the Nth Root of Real Number in a fraction of seconds. Get to know the manual procedure for finding the Radicals and Roots. For better understanding, we have jotted a few examples showing the entire work.

How to find the n√a?

Estimating the higher nth roots by hand can be a bit tedious. But to help you out we have listed the detailed and straightforward descriptions. They are in the following fashion

  • First and foremost estimate a number b.
  • Divide a by bn-1. If the number c returned is precise and near to the desired decimal place, stop.
  • Later find the Average: [b × (n-1) + c] / n
  • Repeat the Step two

Example Question: Find 8√15 and show the detailed work?


Given Input 8√15

Here n =8, a = 15 as per the n√a

Let us assume the 8th root of 15 or 15 radical 8 is 1.432

Thus dividing a by bn-1 we get the resultant equation as

= 15 ÷1.4327= 1.405

Next step is to find the average as per the formula mentioned above i.e. [b × (n-1) + c] / n

Rearranging the formula with the given inputs we get

= (1.432 × (8-1) + 1.405)/8 = 1.388

Continue step 2 for the result obtained and we get as under

= 15 ÷ 1.3887 = 1.403

Now find the average again

= (1.403 × (8-1) + 1.388)/8 = 1.402

Therefore, 8√15  is approximately equal to 1.402

Radicals and Roots Calculator

FAQs on Radicals and Roots Calculator

1. How do you simplify radicals easily?

Take the help of the Radicals and Root Calculator over here and determine the result in a fraction of seconds.

2. How do you define a Radical?

In maths, any expression having the radical symbol (√) is called a Radical Expression. Sometimes, people mistakenly treat is as a square root and it can be used to find higher-order roots too.

3. How to use Radicals and Root Calculator?

All you need to do is simply provide the Radical and Root Value you need to evaluate in the input fields and click on the calculate button to get results instantaneously.

4. Is there a website where I can get the best Radicals and Roots Tool?

Yes, you can get the best Radicals and Roots Tool from the trusted portal and go-to place for any mathematical concept