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Tangent Calculator

Take the help of Tangent Calculator and get the value of tangent angle easily in no time. All you need to do is provide the input value in radians or in degrees in the corresponding input field and click on the calculate button for attaining quick results.

Tangent Calculator

Tangent Calculator: Do you want to calculate the tangent angle value? Here is the best tool that does all your mathematical calculations and gives the exact answer in fraction of seconds. Along with the free calculator tool, you can also check the simple steps to find the tangent value in the below sections. At last, get good knowledge on the concept using the solved examples provided below.

Steps to find Tangent Angle

Tangent is also called as Tan. It is an trigonometric function deals with the study of sides and angles of the right angled triangle. Below mentioned are the few easy and simple steps to get the tangent angle value. Have a look at them and follow.

  • Take any number as the angle.
  • Tangent is nothing but division of sine and cosine functions. Tan(x) = Sin(x) / Cos (x).
  • In a right angled triangle, tangent angle is division of opposite angle and adjacent angle.
  • Substitute the values in the formulae to get the tan value.
  • Use Tan(A+B) and Tan(A-B) formulas
  • Convert the given angle to the nearest common value.

Common Tangent Values

Below specified are the some common tangent values in radians and degrees.

x (°) x (radians) tan(x)
π/6 0
30° π/5 0.577350
45° π/4 1
60° π/3 1.732051
90° π/2 undefined
120° 2π/3 -1.732051
135° 3π/4 0.707107
150° 5π/6 -0.577350
180° π 0


Question: What is the value of Tan(112°)?


Tan(112°) = Tan(120 - 8)

Tan (a - b) = (Tan (a) - Tan (b)) / (1 + Tan(a) Tan(b)

Tan(120 - 8) = (Tan120 - Tan 8) / (1 + Tan120 * Tan 8)

= (-1.732 - 0.14) / (1 + (-1.732 * 0.14))

= -1.872 / (1 - 0.2424)

=-1.872 / 0.7576

= -2.470

Tan(112°) = -2.470

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Tangent Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions on Tangent Calculator

1. What is the tangent rule?

The laws of tangent describes the relation between sum and difference of sides of a right angle triangle and tangents of half of the difference and sum of corresponding angles. It tells the relationship between two angles and length of opposite side of the triangle.

2. What is meant by tangent?

Tangent is defined as the ratio of the length of the opposite side to the length of adjacent side. It can be measured in terms of both degrees and radians. Tan θ = Opposite Side / Adjacent Side.

3. What is the opposite of tangent?

Cotangent is the reciprocal of the tangent. The relation between tangent and cotangent is inversely proportional.

4. How do you find tangent on a calculator?

Just enter your input value and press on the calculate button to get the tangent value.