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Fourth Root Calculator

Free Online Tool Fourth Root Calculator displays the fourth root of the number in a matter of seconds. Just input the real numbers for the radicand in the input section and hit the calculate button to avail the result.

Fourth Root Calculator
4√x = ?
x =

Fourth Root Calculator: Are you worried about how to find the Fourth Root of a Number? Don't bother any more as we have got you a user-friendly tool that calculates the fourth root of a number easily. Check out the procedure to find the 4th Root of a number from the further modules. Refer to the solved examples so that you can better understand how to find the Fourth Root.

How to Calculate the Fourth Root?

There are various methods to find the Fourth Root of a number. The most basic ones include trail and error. Go through the guidelines and calculate the 4th Root easily.

Trial and Error Method

  • Try a number which when multiplied results in the original number given within the radicand.
  • If it's too low try a number that is higher than the estimated number.
  • If it is nearby the original number stop the procedure.
  • If it's too high try checking for a number that is in between the first estimated number and the second estimated number.

Using De moivre's Theorem

You can also go with De moivre's theorem to find the Fourth Root easily.

for k = 0, 1, 2, .....

Fourth Root using De moivre's Theorem

Substitute the value of n as 4 and find the root values accordingly.

Example : Find the Fourth Root of  81?


The given Number is ∜81

Check for the number that when multiplied 4 times result in the original number

The number is 3 i.e. 3*3*3*3 = 81

Therefore, ∜81 is 3.

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Fourth Root Calculator

FAQs on Fourth Root Calculator

1. What is meant by the Fourth Root?

The 4th Root of a number is the number that when multiplied four times results in the original number.

2. How to represent the Fourth Root?

The Fourth Root is represented symbolically by multiplying the radical with 4 i.e. 4√

3. What is the fastest way to find the 4th Root of a Number?

The fastest way to find the fourth root of a number is to use the calculator on our page.

4. How do you find the fourth root using the Calculator?

You just need to enter any real number as radicand value in the input field and hit the calculate button to get the 4th Root in a short span of time.